Welcome to my blog which will take you on my journey as a mom of five.  I have always been asked by fellow moms to share my parenting tips and how I maintained an organized life both at home and at work. I would spend a lot of time listening to them, share their fears,  their worries, and problems, and help them visualize certain possible solutions. Since I have always kept a diary and wrote about my successes and how I was able to overcome the challenges I face, along with the encouragement of my sister and mother, I created this platform.

I am delighted that I have achieved all that because I have opened up to a magnificent number of moms worldwide. As a visitor here, you are part of this fantastic community. Your support, messages, and interaction influence and teach me a lot about myself and enhance my parenting skills. You also encourage me to give more of what I know and offer help, should you seek advice. Keep in mind that what you will read about here  is, in fact, the result of my ongoing personal experiences and learning.

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