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That’s To You, My Child!

My dear child that’s to you, so you know what life might do!
You might meet those who nag
And others that might carry your bag…
Some are cross and make you dare
Others would simply show that they care.
A group might lie
And could even leave you to die,
While honest ones will still appear
To help make the pain disappear…
Yet true friends are hard to find
So choose well and don’t be blind…
Be aware of pits and walls
Make sure you avoid the falls.
But don’t forget that mistakes are good
If they are well taken and understood.
After all life is a game
As you grow, it won’t be the same…
Play it well, do your part
But reserve your golden heart!
Everyday there is something new
A lesson, a truth, a reality to view
I promise to help you with all my might,
But it is God who will open your inner sight.
Laugh, create, imagine and dream
Play, dance, run and scream
Be polite, help those in need
Seek the truth, learn and read!
I love you, you are my child
And I’ll always be your guide
To help you when in need or in pain
To happily share your triumphs and gain….
I can write a million word
To assure you’ll successfully face that extraordinary world…
Before one day you depart and leave to explore,
Taking my aching heart with you out of the door!
But that is life,
With its beauty and its hardship which cuts like a knife…
These are my words before we part,
But for now I’ll enjoy you with all my heart….
So that’s to her to him and to you
That’s to all the five of you!



About Life


​Can’t believe that in a few days we will be bidding 2016 good bye and welcoming 2017.

How fast is time flying?! But then again what is time!? That illusion which man has created in order to organize life, work, events, and record history.
We find ourselves dragged by it, controlled with it, and even reassured within it.
Being the very punctual person that I am, time sometimes becomes my biggest enemy. I find myself juggling amongst my family, my work, and of course blogging.  I see myself that helicopter hovering around many errands, duties, and obligations. That helicopter with its propellers spiraling round and round in such a speed, yet making the best out of the time limit given. However, the good part of being that helicopter is the advantage of having the ability to stop in midair, take a breath, and reflect. I could observe my children, people, humans, actions, reality, life, and simply enjoy the present moment – forgetting about all those limits… those numbers.

In fact, I have never been a fan of numbers or dates. Still, I find myself attracted to the mystery they carry and the fact how ironically our lives roam around them. At that moment reality hits, and I realize that the only substantial time is what I have now. It is then that I come to digest the fact that the most meaningful struggle a person faces is actually Being in every single minute of life.
So for 2017, I wish you all my dear readers and awesome followers a limitless year  with all the meanings this word carries….

What are your reflections for 2017?