Poems by me

On a Bench…

The picture below was taken from my last trip to London at The Rose Garden. I was inspired by the beauty and the mood of the whole setting. Engulfed with these sensations, I wrote the following poem;

On a bench I sat as I shed my tears
Surrounded with sadness and fear.
Unaware of the beauty around me,
With shattered hopes, I couldn’t see!
I was blinded, distracted, and alone
I felt cold to the bone!

By nature, I refuse weakness and defeat
Yet today I broke down at my feet.
I felt tired, drained, and stuck.
I was in a dilemma with no luck…
A soft breeze then brushed my hair and I slowly breathed in the cool air.
A small reminder to what really counts
Life and its difficulties I need to surmount.
In a second, everything could be gone
And the whole world will continue to move on.
Observing the allurement, I turned around
Nature with its beauty and solid ground.
Yellow roses with soft petals hugged me
A comfortable throne they’ve given me.
Bouquets of flowers in full bloom
Perfection of a secret perfume…
My mood suddenly changed
Bringing peace and harmony in exchange.
Mother nature a sanctuary of wisdom
A resort to cheerfulness, to optimism…
So on that bench I sat with a smile on my face
And all that dark sadness I was able to erase!


A poem written by me to my 5

To The Love of Your Children


I am you and you are me

Open your eyes so you can see,

Bounce along with love and care,

Embrace the world out there.

Keep going, keep glowing,

Never give up on enjoying

The children’s laughter, growth, even noise

Do not get mad; as there is always a choice,

Where you allow patience to reside

Forever in your soul – and not to subside.

Laugh, hug, dance, and play

Cause that is what you have for today,

Precious memories of childhood are built

Do it with passion, without having any blame or guilt.

With every challenging struggle you face,

Try your best not to leave a negative trace.

Let that anger and tension out

You do not need to scream or even shout.

Breathe with all your might

You do not need to fight.

They know you are there should they fall,

Your support, love, and softness are their call.

For the love of your children, my dear

Remember the present moment, now and here.

Take it easy and do it right,

Do it with all your might!

Happiness is what I guarantee,

You will always be floating, you will see!


Rania Hussant