Review: Morning Coffee with Forever Living

Our coffee morning at Leopold’s Nation Tower, was filled with a boisterous group of amazing women living in Abu Dhabi. We started off with a detailed presentation by Katy Holmes who came all the way from Dubai to inform us about the wonderful Forever Living Products, and talk about a possible business opportunity to such a unique group of supportive ladies.


We, then, enjoyed a rich breakfast composed of eggs, croissants, and cheese along with fruit yogurt and of course coffee.



As usual, and thanks to the raffle draw, many ladies were showered with beautiful gifts from Healthy Home Me, Zumba Lena, Ghanem Salon, Mama’s Garden, and Hunter Foods. Finally, each lady left with a mini-chocolate box from Patchi, a helicoptermommy mug from Layan Emirates, and a bag of Himalaya pink salt chips from Hunter Foods. Those pinks bags were specifically designed to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.




I would like to take the opportunity and thank each and every single one of you for your endless support and continuous enthusiasm. I was also very pleased to have met new people, and I am grateful for all the learning opportunities I am receiving through you and through my blogging experience.



Head over to my Facebook page to see the rest of the pictures, and tag your friends to know all about our productive morning.


Love to all!

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Working Mother’s Day with Rania Merchak

Rania Merchak Andraos: Managing Director at TransPremium. Sworn Translator and Interpreter

. What are some of the challenges you face as a working mom?

Juggling between being a full time freelancer and a mom to 2 super energetic boys isn’t always easy. It is challenging to commit to spending hours at my desk while at the same time giving my children full attention. It is also difficult sometimes when I have urgent projects to deliver and I have to finish my work before they come back from daycare/school, so I find myself overworked often times. One more thing that is challenging is when I get remote interpretation assignments and I have to travel and spend several days away from home.

. How do you manage to maintain work and your daily life as a mom?

Thank God I Freelance! Being a freelancer means I have flexible working hours as well as the liberty and ability to work from the comfort of my own home. This means I spend every single second of the day with my children. So no matter how hectic my schedule gets, I still manage because at least I don’t have to spend several hours a day stuck at traffic! Haha.

. What message would you send to other moms to encourage them in pursuing their dreams?

The road to success is not easy. It will get harder as your children grow older. It is inevitably challenging, but the rewards are oh-so-many. Self-fulfillment is the best thing ever. Never stop dreaming, and never stop chasing your dreams! Be a role model for your children. Do it for you. Do it for them. Count your blessings, stay positive and always look at the glass half full!

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Working Mother’s Day with working_mother_of_ 2

Haneen A Khzam: Senior Project Assistant & Small Business Owner

.What are some of the challenges you face as a working mom?

Challenges are everywhere. You can’t be a working mom without challenges and everything else you hear is not true. The biggest challenge you’ll face is balancing your life as a mom/wife and as a business woman (no matter what business you’re in). Finding the time to do all is difficult and you’ll never say again “yes, that would be a convenient time” as you’re always tied up.

. How do you manage to maintain work and your daily life as a mom?

What I try to do is achieve quality time with my family rather than quantity time (not that I have the quantity option though 🙂 ). Whenever I’m at home, I’m totally at home trying to use every single minute with my kids: playing, watching things they like, having picnics in the kitchen together, even when I need to cook for next day or bake them some brownies or cupcakes, they’ll be around helping. Also when I have deliveries for my small business, I take them along to try and squeeze every minute I can with them.
And then when I’m at work, I’m totally at work, doing what I’m good at and delivering my best.

. What message would you send to other moms to encourage them in pursuing their dreams?

I can’t promise it’s easy! It’s going to be tough! You will have the mommy guilt forever! And you’ll always go to bed tired! But it’s all worth it.
If you’re able to manage a household and kids on your own, you’ll be able to manage a career/dream as well.
When you’re a working mom, you’re doing your kids a great favor.
You’re pursuing a role model to your little girl, that she can have it all in her future, she is strong and she can follow and achieve her dreams. That she is capable and unstoppable!
You are also being a role model to your son. You’re showing him that it’s okay for a woman to have it all. It’s okay for a woman to build a career/business and still manage her family. You’re showing him how strong women are! You’re making his future life with his wife and daughter smoother.
Not to mention, you’re doing it for them, to grant them a better life, education and peace of mind.
And guess what, they are both proud of you and look up to you. And no matter how many sad looks you get every morning you leave the house, they still love you to bits.

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Working Mother of 2




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Working Mother’s Day with Mumzynotebook

Khushboo Sanjania (and mother to a 2 year old known as ‘Azmu’ on the blog): Parenting Blogger in the UAE
. What are some of the challenges you face as a working mom?
The first challenge I see is that not many people see blogging as a job or a career pathway. However, I can assure you, with the requirement to professionally write about topics within one’s niche, maintain a website and other social media accounts, collaborating with various people and dedicate hours of your day and family life, it is very much as real job. The other challenge I face is allocating work hours to do my job. As I am working from home with a young daughter who is still fully dependent on me, it becomes very difficult to allocate fixed hours in a day to blog or research about upcoming blogs. On various occasions I find myself having to move away from my laptop to attend my daughter, which breaks my flow of work.

. How do you manage to maintain work and your daily life as a mom?

As a Mom I want to be 100% present for my daughter when she is around me. So I try and work on my blog when she takes her afternoon naps or she is happily busy with her dad and/or other members of the family. I also rely hugely on my phone to quickly reply to emails and correspond on social media, but only when I am sure I am not neglecting my daughter.
. What message would you send to other moms to encourage them in pursuing their dreams?
I would tell mothers out there who want to pursue their dream to not give up. It always seems impossible until it’s done. There may be sacrifices to be made and success may not come to you instantly, but do not give up. Also, find a support system who would be willing to help you out with motherhood and household duties, because knowing your child is being taken care of means you will be more likely to deliver better at your work.
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