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To the Woman Who…

To the woman who is now a grandmother and has worked hard all her life until she has finally come to her retirement stage. She who has raised her children and is now able to simply be present in the given moment. She who has ripened along the years and became the wise woman people… Continue reading To the Woman Who…

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The Desert

Today's post is not like any other post, and soon you will know why. I was looking forward to describing my feelings towards an experience which would take me back to the early years of my childhood, back in Arabia where I was born. Back to the desert which carries a unique daunting beauty in… Continue reading The Desert

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Fall; The Rejuvenating Season

Whenever October beautifully and slowly folds in, I reminisce over the allure season and its warm colors. To me, Fall reflects a reality of change and modification. One day, like those Autumn leaves, we will set off and leave to a journey elsewhere. To that, I celebrate this Truth through the poem below; Brown, orange… Continue reading Fall; The Rejuvenating Season

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My Flower in the Desert

In the desert, when you were born, You were so tiny, I couldn't even hear you moan. I looked at you, Not believing my eyes 'Cause I've never held a baby of that size. A tough preemie you were, My determined and resilient girl. A spirit with ultimate power You bloomed into my Dahlia flower.… Continue reading My Flower in the Desert


Our Family Getaway; Tyre

Our family getaway in Tyre has left us with remarkable memories and learning experiences that were attained with pleasure. For our stay, we booked at the Al Yasmine Guest House and spent a lovely time there. Al Yasmine Guest House: http://www.alyasmineguesthouse.com We were sincerely touched with the warm welcome the staff provided us with. All… Continue reading Our Family Getaway; Tyre

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My Fourth Son…

It is indeed incredibly amazing how each and every child has a special place in a mom's heart. When I had my first boy, I thought I could never love any other being as much as I loved him.  I was wrong! Soon enough, came our second one, and that love increased doubling with more… Continue reading My Fourth Son…

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On a Bench

The picture below was taken from my last trip to London at The Rose Garden. I was inspired by the beauty and the mood of the whole setting. Engulfed with these sensations, I wrote the following poem; On a bench I sat as I shed my tears Surrounded with sadness and fear. Unaware of the beauty… Continue reading On a Bench