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To the Woman Who…

To the woman who is now a grandmother and has worked hard all her life until she has finally come to her retirement stage. She who has raised her children and is now able to simply be present in the given moment. She who has ripened along the years and became the wise woman people refer to. She who patiently guides others and calms the fears of the younger generations… I salute her because she has struggled!

To the woman who is now a mother and who daily sheds tears of defeat because she thinks she is not up to the standard. She who holds all the worries of the world on her shoulders. She who tries to tend to her endless duties juggling work and motherhood at the same time. She who hides her fears as she wants to give the impression that everything is under control. That mother who might wish she could escape from those years and wants to fast forward her life because she thinks she will finally have some peace of mind. It could also be that other mother who feels she is missing out on her social and professional life simply because she wants to be with her child….. I salute her because she has struggled!

To the woman who is now a first time mom. She who feels that someone has pulled the carpet from under her feet and made her life stumble into pieces. She who silently observes the physical damage caused by the stretch marks that now smudge her body. That first time mom who is lost in the dark shadows of postpartum depression feeling guilty because she simply doesn’t understand how she can deal with all the craziness happening in her life…. I salute her because she has struggled!

To the woman who is now an expecting mother and feels swollen, heavy, and tired. She who wants to get over with the delivery and warmly hold her baby against her. She who might not be aware of the pain she will go through. She who wearily walks by feeling unhappy – despite her excitement- about all the body changes she is experiencing… I salute her because she has struggled!

To the woman who has never been able to become pregnant and experience the magical beauty of feeling her unborn child within her womb. She who has sobbed in sorrow everytime she knew she missed her chance of getting pregnant. She who longed to have that child to cuddle, caress and embrace with love and affection…. I salute her because she has struggled!

To the woman who has lost a child, a friend, a parent, or a partner. She who might have cursed fate for choosing her above the others. She who will never understand why she had to pass through such a horrendous experience. That woman who then pulls herself up, strengthens her faith, and just moves on. She who is filled with courage, firmness, and power soon realises that life goes on. With a broken heart and shattered dreams she also carries on… I salute her because she has struggled!

To the woman who is now a wife. She who has just argued with her husband thinking he doesn’t understand her needs. She who wonders why she even thought of tying her whole life and happiness to a man. She who still has dreams and ambitions which she thinks have evaporated into thin air. She might not know that through communication, one day she will get there… I salute her because she has struggled!

To the woman who has not yet met her lifetime partner and wishes she could live a love story one-day. She who still dreams of walking down the aisle with a charming man at her side. She who might be struggling with weight, personal, or even psychological issues… I salute her because she has struggled!

To the woman who might have been neglected and criticised by the society due to a certain incident. She who had to carry the blame of others. She who had to face those challenges on her own. She who had fingers pointed at her… I salute her because she has struggled!

To the little girl who is mesmerized in her own world. She who plays the different roles of a woman as she grows. She who thinks of fairy tales and dreams of rides on glittery unicorns. She who fantasizes about dreamlands and flutters around the house like butterflies. She who stands firmly to the ground speaking of her likes and interests… I ask her to find that beautiful woman inside. Find her strength, tackle her weaknesses, come over her struggles, fill in her self esteem, swarm in the beauty of womanhood, and not hinder her power to the hassles of life.

It is high time that we learn to support our fellow women. Learn to avoid negative criticism. Learn to spread positivity. Learn to be non-judgemental. Learn to accept the other!

After all, we all have our imperfections, our pains, and our apprehensions. As I have grown from that little girl into motherhood, I have learned a lot about us; women.

The least thing we would want is conviction! That is why, for International Women’s Day I salute each and every woman out there, and ask for transparency and empowerment!

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Fun Facts About Us

After the twins were born and we settled into our new routine as a family of seven members, we experienced some amusing changes in our daily lives. I have included a few of them below.

1. Nail cutting:

It is funny that it didn’t take us much to realize that we had to cut and file 100 nails every few days. It happens that most of our children’s nails grow fast and tending to all of them takes time. Trust me, it is not something I enjoy doing, let alone the other many hygienic issues we need to consider and take care of!!

2. Car Driving:

We have bought a Honda Oddessy to fit us all in comfortably and easily. To be honest, I love this spacious mini-van of mine as it is practical with sliding doors on the sides and not too high for me to climb and fasten the little ones in their car seats. Still, we need around ten to fifteen minutes to have all five buckled up and seated properly before hitting the road. I still don’t understand what takes them that long to sit and fasten their seatbelts.

And once that is done, you would dream to have a calm ride around. They are either all talking at the same time, or fighting over which song they want to hear. Even the twins now make it a point in choosing their favorite hits! Enjoy the ride!

3. Shopping:

I rely a lot now on jotting down what new items each child needs. I have the tendecy to organize their closets once per month which helps me in classifying all the items needed. And with all this organization, I sometimes get confused and buy things I do not really need. The good thing is that if one of them can’t use it, there is always someone else who does. Having different sizes at home has its advantages! 😉

4. Extra Consumption:

As soon as the twins started eating solid food and I had to prepare their meals from scratch, the amount of vegetables and fruits increased drastically. In fact, we buy huge quantities which get comsumed by the end of the week. I know that with time and as the boys turn into young men, food consumption would increase even more. However, I would not mind preparing healthy choices for them no matter how tiring it will be.

On another note, the boys have been showering on their own for some time now, but they consume water and soap in huge quantities. We are still working on explaining how important it is to use them moderately. However, I think it might take more time for them to really grasp the concept.

5. Laundry:

Loads of laundry stack up every day making our washing machine twist and turn at least twice a day. We owe this luxury to William Blackstone who had invented the first washing machine that was designed for convenient use in the home. Otherwise, our lives would have been awefully drastic.

What are some of your funny realistic facts that you have experienced as a mom?

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Working Mother’s Day with Rania Merchak

Rania Merchak Andraos: Managing Director at TransPremium. Sworn Translator and Interpreter

. What are some of the challenges you face as a working mom?

Juggling between being a full time freelancer and a mom to 2 super energetic boys isn’t always easy. It is challenging to commit to spending hours at my desk while at the same time giving my children full attention. It is also difficult sometimes when I have urgent projects to deliver and I have to finish my work before they come back from daycare/school, so I find myself overworked often times. One more thing that is challenging is when I get remote interpretation assignments and I have to travel and spend several days away from home.

. How do you manage to maintain work and your daily life as a mom?

Thank God I Freelance! Being a freelancer means I have flexible working hours as well as the liberty and ability to work from the comfort of my own home. This means I spend every single second of the day with my children. So no matter how hectic my schedule gets, I still manage because at least I don’t have to spend several hours a day stuck at traffic! Haha.

. What message would you send to other moms to encourage them in pursuing their dreams?

The road to success is not easy. It will get harder as your children grow older. It is inevitably challenging, but the rewards are oh-so-many. Self-fulfillment is the best thing ever. Never stop dreaming, and never stop chasing your dreams! Be a role model for your children. Do it for you. Do it for them. Count your blessings, stay positive and always look at the glass half full!

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Working Mother’s Day with Mumzynotebook

Khushboo Sanjania (and mother to a 2 year old known as ‘Azmu’ on the blog): Parenting Blogger in the UAE
. What are some of the challenges you face as a working mom?
The first challenge I see is that not many people see blogging as a job or a career pathway. However, I can assure you, with the requirement to professionally write about topics within one’s niche, maintain a website and other social media accounts, collaborating with various people and dedicate hours of your day and family life, it is very much as real job. The other challenge I face is allocating work hours to do my job. As I am working from home with a young daughter who is still fully dependent on me, it becomes very difficult to allocate fixed hours in a day to blog or research about upcoming blogs. On various occasions I find myself having to move away from my laptop to attend my daughter, which breaks my flow of work.

. How do you manage to maintain work and your daily life as a mom?

As a Mom I want to be 100% present for my daughter when she is around me. So I try and work on my blog when she takes her afternoon naps or she is happily busy with her dad and/or other members of the family. I also rely hugely on my phone to quickly reply to emails and correspond on social media, but only when I am sure I am not neglecting my daughter.
. What message would you send to other moms to encourage them in pursuing their dreams?
I would tell mothers out there who want to pursue their dream to not give up. It always seems impossible until it’s done. There may be sacrifices to be made and success may not come to you instantly, but do not give up. Also, find a support system who would be willing to help you out with motherhood and household duties, because knowing your child is being taken care of means you will be more likely to deliver better at your work.
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Working Mother’s Day with Dina Maktabi

Dina Maktabi:
Mum of two and the Founder and Editor of www.kensingtonmums.co.uk and www.mumsinbeirut.com
. What are some of the challenges you face as a working mom?
The juggle is real, in its full meaning. My working hours are run around the school pick up and drop off.
Challenges are being able to do a full time job (in school working hours) and trying to switch off when I am with my kids. Another challenge is the guilt feeling we have as Mothers. With time I have learnt to let go of feeling guilty and enjoying time alone, with my friends and my family. Being a working Mum, is really about multi-tasking sometimes in one hand!
. How do you manage to maintain work and your daily life as a mom?
I am still trying to figure that out. For us, our kitchen calendar has helped in a lot of ways. The monthly calendar on our kitchen wall is a life saviour for the whole family to organise weekly and monthly activities. It keeps everyone in the loop with what is going on inside as well as outside the home.

To organise my work schedule and meetings, I have a never ending to do list which I enjoy ticking off as I go along. For my daily routine, I like to work out as that’s very important for me and whenever I get the time, to read my book with a hot cup of tea, I do emphasise on “hot” as that’s a real treat for us mums. One must also remember, that we are mothers, but also a friend, a daughter and a wife so its important to keep the balance in all the roles we have.

. What message would you send to other moms to encourage them in pursuing their dreams?

As mothers, we always put our kids and our families needs as priority, but it’s important to also always follow your instincts and your passion in life.
Maternity is the best time to engage in a new business venture or idea. Do your research, tap into a niche market and let the rest take its tole. Take your time in organising and planning everything out. You will get there at the end, your passion will always shine through in your daily routine. You will know that is the your dream job when you love waking up for it. This can even be a new job or a promotion. Believe in yourself and always be you.

dina maktabi

Photo Credit: Veruschka Baudo


A Mom’s Kinda Vacation 

“How did you spend the spring vacation?” is the first question people ask on your first day back to work. We usually travel and spend the vacation at my parent’s house or they come over to spend some time together.

Unfortunately, this spring break we could not meet, and I realized that in fact I did not have a break in the real sense of the word!
I mean how could I when I have five to keep entertained and busy for two complete weeks? To add on top of that I have different ages with somehow different interests.
As a result, I found myself juggling between play dates, meeting friends, and arranging activities for them. It was mostly fun and we have really enjoyed those moments, but I haven’t really had the ‘me time’ pause! Those few moments where I wished I could just recharge my batteries to keep going with the same zest and tranquilty.
I somehow took a break from physically going to school very early every morning. However, I had to pass a few nights preparing lesson plans and working on some corrections. Unlike other professions, a teacher brings piles and piles of schoolwork along. You do not just leave your office and forget about all those obligations. That is why as a working mom I had a semi interlude.
On the other hand, we all agree that being a mother is a 24/7 job with no vacations or real downtime unless the grandparents are around – which is exactly what I missed having this Spring.
During this short vacation, I found myself reminiscing over my young age when I had no worries or responsibilities. When I could drink my coffee and enjoy its warmth till the last drop. Or when I used to relish eating my food, savoring the taste of each and every bite. Not to mention sleeping until I got tired of being in bed!
At the same time, having my beloved children around me fills my heart and soul with life. They are my joy and pride. Despite the fatigue and exhaustion motherhood brings, I would not have imagined my days without them.  They are a blessing and I am lucky to be bestowed with such a bliss.
Like every other mother, I would wish to have a break and escape from my duties every once in a while. Nevertheless, once alone I would find myself thinking of them, feeling them, and longing to be with them again. Those never ending ironic notions every mom experiences where she has to balance her sanity and rejoice in being a mom as much as she can.
So how was my kind of vacation? Well it was filled with happy special moments, some arguments, laughter, a passing by sickness, lots of chores, silliness, game playing, partying with the kiddos, homework, and tons of action! Just to mention a few of any other day in a diary of a mom, and to that I am always and forever grateful!
So mommies how was your spring break? 
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