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Happy Halloween! 


This year we celebrated Halloween three times on three consecutive occasions. The boys were thrilled to be able to wear their unique costumes, that were purchased from Party City and which they were so fond of, for three continous days.  I was even delighted to see how ecstatic the twins felt as their pumpkins got filled up with candy and chocolate every time they said, “Happy Halloween! ” I cannot believe how fast time flies.  They were just born yesterday, and now they happily participate in special festivities with their siblings.



First we celebrated along with special friends and relatives.  Three awesome mamas took care of the decoration, turning the area into a beautiful Halloween setting.  They also prepared delicious homemade goodies and snacks, and organized fun Halloween activities. We all had a blast as we played, jumped, and raced – even the little ones of the group.


We, as moms, also got dressed up with some simple but fun costumes to join in the celebration with our kiddos. It simply becomes more meaningful when we are involved and join in the fun.




The next day, my hubby, kids, and I went to another cherished friend’s house where the kids enjoyed trick or treating.  Again,  they were showered with tasty snacks, extraordinary goodies, and heaps of candy.

Finally,  and like every year,  the boys went trick or treating in the neighborhood along with their dear friends. The excitement was peculiar as well.


Every time I cannot but notice the joy that glows from their young faces.  The whole scenario as I observe them melts my heart.  I look at them with pride as I silently pray that we will always be able to provide them with such happiness on any occasion given. I hope that, one day,  when they look back, they would be thankful and joyful as they reminisce over those special images from their childhood. As I write these words, my heart swells up, and I feel more than grateful for all the blessings I am entrusted with.

Happy Halloween to all of you my dear readers,  followers,  and friends. A big thank you goes to all of those who made our Halloween as special as it was. Hope you have enjoyed yours as well!


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Carving Out Our Spooktacular Halloween

meand five hallo

“Halloween! Trick or Treat!” that is the rhyme that lingers in my mind once October settles and autumn resides. I remember, when I was a child myself, how we impatiently awaited Halloween to come. The image of us running in the neighbourhood from one house to the other, gathering candies and goodies, remains engraved in my heart carrying with it exuberant childhood memories. We would eagerly wait for the evening to come, the sun to set down in the horizon, with our heavy pumpkins filled with confectioneries, as we rest around the bonfire enjoying the crackling of the warm flames.

Costumes, candies, pumpkins, cookies, cobwebs, witches, bats, and the list never ends. Every year, my children and I prepare something for Halloween, where I try my best to have them experience it the way I did when I was their age. It is a great delight to know how much they cherish and appreciate these little things which we enjoy doing together.

mirror deco


For this year, we started early with our decoration. First, we created Halloween crafts out of salt dough which we used to create our grave yard.


I find salt dough very practical and fun to play with.

salt dough cutter painting salt dough

Here is the recipe I used:

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water

Mix all the ingredients and the dough is ready.

Once you cut the shapes needed, cook the dough in the oven until it hardens, and then they are ready to be painted.

boys entrance hallo

I also bought a few Halloween items that I added to the previously used material from which some of them we have made ourselves as a drawing and cutting art activities like the bats and pumpkin shown above.

witch entrance

Halloween Snacks:

For this year’s Halloween snacks, we made three new recipes:

Cheese Broomsticks:

All you need is a bag of salty sticks and a pack of cheese string rolls.

Cut each cheese stick in half.

Insert the salty stick in the middle, and peel off from the sides.

There, your broomsticks are ready to fly!


Pumpkin Bread Cake:

The Pumpkin Bread Cake turned out to be appetising. Using a pumpkin shaped cutter, I cut slices of the cake and had the boys decorate their pumpkins using red icing which they devoured with joy.

halloween cutter cake

decorated cake pumpkins

Here is the recipe for the Pumpkin Bread:

Mix the ingredients in the order given (makes one loaf cake and 12 muffins)

4 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla pod

2 cups sugar

¾ cup cooking oil

2 cups cooked pumpkin (mashed)

2/3 cup water

3 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda

1 tablespoon ginger powder

1 tablespoon cinnamon powder

½ tablespoon cloves powder

½ teaspoon grated nutmeg

loaf of bread

Spiders on our Cookies:

I found this recipe on Instagram, and I thought it is a must do for the kiddos. I followed the simple easy steps as given and it turned out to be spookilicious! Thank you Lauren Allen for this fantastic idea. For details check http://www.tastesbetterfromscratch.com

spider cookies


For the first time, I thought of photo shooting ahead of time. First, it would be amusing to share these fun moments with my five. Second, in general it is very difficult to have them pose properly and take a pretty picture. I wanted to have them to act naturally while dressed up in their costumes while I could savour those extraordinary souvenirs. I am so grateful to always have true friends around me. Dear Mrs. Hamadeh had the pleasure to do our photo session, and the children were really cooperative despite the heat at the park.

me twins hallo meand D hallo

As you can see, for the twins we settled on Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

dahlia back                   raphy s back

The youngest of the three boys decided on wearing Dracula costume, and the other elder two decided on MineCraft costumes which we did at home.

creeper dany


steve ramy

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is all about spooky fun, mysterious action, unusual costumes, and ghostly celebration. We are looking forward to trick or treating in the neighbourhood this coming weekend. Have a fa-boo-lous and spooktacular Halloween everyone!