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The Festive Spirit

With the coming festive season, joy spreads its wings around, people feel blissfully cheerful, and mostly children’s dreams and imagination blossom. During this time of the year, I busy myself by decorating the house along with the kids, bake lots of goody treats, and mainly enjoy being able to provide them with such security, gaiety, and merriment.
For this year, we decided to have a chimney next to the Christmas tree. The boys enjoyed transforming some empty water boxes into a chimney.

IMG_0002 IMG_0008
We made sure Santa’s chair was comfy and warm as we put a special Christmas pillow just for him.

This past weekend the festive spirit continued as we had our first Christmas dinner with some special friends. I thought of sharing with you a few ideas that I have done.

Since I followed the European style of serving, I prepared two sets of plates. The entrée was composed of an endive salad covered by a tasty Roquefort sauce, mini vegetable quiche, and grilled shrimps. The main course was composed of a delicious turkey served with rice and Rib Eye steak cooked with a caramelized creamy butter sauce served with vegetables; a combination of sweet potatoes, baby potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

IMG_0035 IMG_0043
Wrapping the table napkin with a bow and having a candy cane inserted in the middle gave the whole setting a special touch. For the main dish I folded a napkin into a form of a Christmas tree and placed a Ferrero Rocher chocolate on the top of it. I was lucky to find a beautiful table cover from Zara home where I kept the center table as simple as possible.

IMG_0049 IMG_0050
Moreover, like every year at this time of the year in Abu Dhabi there are as many Christmas events as you can imagine. This time, we decided to go to Crowne Plaza to have the boys enjoy the traditional ginger bread house decoration. They were delighted as they decorated, licked the icing off their fingers, and ate from the candies provided. There were many fun activities that they had fun doing, singing along Christmas Carols, and of course taking pictures with Santa.



Those special days are crowned with cheerfulness. May you spend them with your beloved and dear ones. Merry Christmas everyone…