Our Family Getaway; Tyre

Our family getaway in Tyre has left us with remarkable memories and learning experiences that were attained with pleasure. For our stay, we booked at the Al Yasmine Guest House and spent a lovely time there.

Al Yasmine Guest House: http://www.alyasmineguesthouse.com

We were sincerely touched with the warm welcome the staff provided us with. All five of our children felt free to explore the area, play around, and learn about certain animal behaviors. The whole setting of the resort takes you into a Mexican village where as a guest you are treated with generosity and hospitality.

As parents, we were longing for this tranquility and natural silence where the only sounds we could hear were the quacking of ducks, chirping of birds, and rustling of leaves. The greenery around with delicate colorful begonvillia plants scattered gracefully adds a heavenly lush to the whole scene.

The guest house offers many sportive activities that make a child and an adult enjoy their time together. There is a small playground for little children, a mini-golf, a tennis court, a ping pong table, a basketball hoop, a pool table, babyfoot, two pools, a double seat bicycle, and some horses. The twins were delighted as they fed the cute reindeers caressing them at any given opportunity. Finally, the most enjoyable activity for them was rowing the boat in the lake along the ducks and swans.

The Rooms:

We enjoyed an evening with the owner of the house who told us how, together with her husband, they have designed the rooms and the whole area to receive their children’s friends during the weekend and enjoy their stay together far from the hussle and bustle of the city Beirut. She even made sure not to include any Wi-Fi connection or TV service so one can really disconnect and profit from the peacefulness the House bestows.

On one side of the main house a number of rooms with ravishing mexican interiors are now accessible to the guests and our rooms were of no different. The cleanliness and honesty with which the employers work with are also remarkable. Little D lost her golden bracelet, and I was baffled when the housekeeper found it for us.

The food:

Al Yasmine Guest House offers a selection of a tasty and healthy Lebanese breakfast. In the evening guests have the choice to choose from the menu or have a delicious BBQ along with a selection of appetizing mezzah like fatoush, baked eggplants, spicy potatoes, and mutabal to name a few of my favorite.

Old Tyre:

Since I always aim at educating our children and have them attain general knowledge, we always make sure that we make any trip a learning opportunity. With this intention, we headed to the Necropolis El Bass in Tyre where we told them all about the rich history Lebanon has endured. From the Byzantium Era to the Romanian Vestiges, we walked along its colonaded road passing through whatever was left from those great dynasties.

We continued walking until we reached the huge impressive Hippodrome that used to seat 20000 spectators who gathered to watch the death-defying sport of chariot racing! Standing at the top of the steps, I felt I could hear their loud cheers and boisterous zest, but as I looked around reality hit me sharply knowing that such treasures are not taken care of. It is a shame to have such history stand alone, still with pride, but with a few who really appreciate it.

Along the road, and as we drove through the vast fields of fruit bearing trees, we pointed out to the children the different types that grew on the coast. It is a pleasure to see how even the twins could locate a banana tree and the boys identify the avocado tree!

As a mother, I always long to plan such trips with my family and I care about them learning something new out of it. Pushing them into appreciating nature, history, and be able to spend quality time together are challenging these days, so when it is done with fun, it lives in their memories forever.

I am glad that we have chosen the Al Yasmine Guest House as our relaxing getaway and would like to thank all the staff members again for making us feel that we were at home!

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Review; Morning Breakfast

Our tantalizing morning breakfast at the Corniche Millennium Hotel was characterized by acquiring new concepts, and helped in directing us into following a healthier lifestyle.  In addition to the rich and mouth-watering buffet,  Mrs.  Fayyad exhibited a wonderful display of handmade jewelry which caught everyone’s attention and interest.  It was such a stimulating morning!


For the first presentation, we had a detailed explanation about teeth hygiene, where Dr.  Alghabra insisted on how sometimes simple methods help protect the teeth and keep them healthy. For example, in order to have a natural mouth wash, gurgling with salt and water is still considered to be the best.

We then practiced ten minutes of relaxing yoga moves, with Ms. Graham, which left us feeling calm, serene, and peaceful. Yoga is known to have its peculiar healing power on our bodies and minds. One of the best aspects about it, is the mere fact that it makes you feel blissful. What else would one ask for in addition to being healthy?


We ended our breakfast with Synergy and Ms. Zarjafar who beautifully talked about her own personal experience and how she decided to use cruelty free and organic beauty products. According to her, we have one face and the skin is our largest organ. That is why we need to treat them gently. Thanks to AdonicaKube, such items can be easily purchased online and delivered at your door step!

Finally, our guests received lots of wonderful gifts and vouchers from Beautology Salon, Hala Rewards, Layan Emirates, AdonicaKube, and Creative Dental Center.  Last but not least, I would like to take the opportunity and thank Ms. Nevine Albert, Director of public relations and marketing at the hotel, who showered us with her unique hospitality and warmth.

Looking forward to having you all again in more events in the coming year of 2017!

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Review; My Gingerbread House

Our challenging Gingerbread Decoration was filled with children’s laughter, sticky messy hands, and a boisterous group of talented moms.

The children first had to write a letter to Santa describing their behaviour this year and then asking for their gift.


Soon enough, they started constructing their mouth-watering gingerbread houses that were freshly baked and brought in by C-bon Sweets. Each child had a separate box with all the items needed, as they tried to assemble the house together.


Some had difficulty in doing so, but a child’s imagination is limitless and they simply made up their own houses, improvising on their own a new design. Aren’t kids amazingly smart?


Others, on the other hand, succeeded in assembling pretty gingerbread houses and we had two cute winners who both received lovely gifts.


We ended the event by posing for a group picture and a raffle draw for one lucky mummy who received a beautiful chocolate box from Patchi.


Again, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for joining us today. You all did a wonderful job, and I appreciate your continuous support.


Thank you C-BON Sweets for those delicious gingerbread houses, Hacker Kitchens for having us and providing the children and their moms with vouchers, presents, and goody bags, Layane Emirates for always contributing in those beautiful gift items, and Patchi for the raffle prize.



Until we meet again I wish you all a marvellous and jolly Christmas.

NB: All the pictures of the event will be posted on the helicopermommy’s Facebook page.

Celebrating my 2nd Blogiversary

To celebrate is to do something special to mark or honor a special person or an event. Celebrations are mostly characterized by enjoyable moments where happiness rules. In fact celebrations are designed to make people feel good. So how would it feel like when you are celebrating with amazing friends and awesome followers at the Royal Emirates Palace?


Last Saturday, I rejoiced in celebration of my Second Bolgiversary in the presence of a wonderful group of 28 amazing ladies at the Palace.


As we enjoyed a royal high tea morning along a royal service, we were pampered as we chatted, shared stories, and of course took many pictures with special props and hats. The menu involved a variety of mouth-watering mini-sandwiches, mini-cakes, scones with jam, and ending up with a luscious fondant au chocolat!


And as the ritual goes in all my events, we had our raffle draw where the ladies won awesome gifts and vouchers.


I would like to take the opportunity and thank each and every person who has directly and indirectly served in making me reach the point where I am now. The blog started two years ago as a simple contact with the outside world – a window for me to share my experience as a mom of five. Thanks to all of you, I am glowing as I grow with you!


Special thanks go to my dear husband, my children, and my family, who form my rock and whom I always count on! I am so grateful to have you in my life. My friends and followers, without you the whole blogging would be meaningless. Your appreciation and encouragement contribute in my success. Thank you!


Last but not least, I would like to thank the Emirates Palace for having us and in making the celebration a great success, Hallabolou, The Bulb, Hadaya Baskets, Ella Spa, Layan Emirates, and Racha Hallak Photography for the grand gifts and vouchers. Finally my sincerest wishes go to Ms.Karen Baz whose brilliant designs and ideas make all the event flyers come to life.


To check all the photos of the event, please go to thehelicoptermommy’s facebook page and cheers to many more years to come…


Caviar Tasting – Emirates Palace


Last Wednesday, I was treated to an ultimate caviar tasting experience that left me marveled with the fulfilling rich buttery taste of caviar. With its customary royal host, the Emirates Palace along with AmStur Caviar cordially received us on a caviar journey inclusive of rare varieties and best pairings.


Nicholas Narsavidze Partner of AmStur revealed to us some insight into this revered delicacy. To some, caviar may seem intimidating as the fine pearls of caviar can sell for tens of thousands of dollars and scream luxury. However, caviar doesn’t have to be inaccessible as now you have the opportunity to try it yourself.


I strongly encourage you to join this unique delicacy where you can indulge yourself in Sayad’s Caviar Masterclass on the 20th of October. The Masterclass will be followed by an elegant four-course menu that includes fine caviar accompanied by bubbles and carefully selected grape beverages all for 450 ++ AED. 

I will not overload you with words, so I will let the pictures taken at the event speak for themselves.










For more information or reservations, please call +971 (0) 2 690 7999 or email restaurants@emiratespalace.ae.



What London Gave Me!

Leaving my family for the second time in my 13 years of marriage has added a new learning experience, a unique inner growth, and further maturity as a mom of five. Being the realistic person that I am, who refuses to subside to weakness, I kept myself and my mind busy in order to have my emotions well maintained. The fact that I terribly missed each and every one of them made me overcome and control my sentiments, especially because they are well taken care of by their super dad and their amazing granny. I always tell those who wonder how I manage my family, home, blog, and work that I have a distinctive support system whose presence in my life is a great relief. Furthermore, when a person knows how to enjoy the present moment, she/he will be able to flourish in any given action. So my personal solo mission trip to London can be summarized in a few points below:

I won’t be talking about the endless places a person can visit, or what I mainly did. Instead, I will share a brief overview about the richness and exceptional learning experiences this country offers. Like most, if not all European countries, England carries along its historical tides thousands of writers, poets, royal history, and antiquity. 

Of the many places I went to, I mainly loved visiting The Shakespearean Globe and Covent Garden. Those are places that took me back in time to an era I adore. It was more like a real fairy tale lived once upon a time, as I was strolling down the old brick roads where My Fair Lady was filmed back in 1963.
Other day to day experiences added to the affluence of this city, were simple incidents which had boundless effect on me; I saw a little 6 year old boy riding his own bike on the road along with his mum. I could not but admire the way children are raised and the nourishing lifestyle they adopt. Unconsciously this little buddy is learning to become healthy and respectful with a high self-esteem.  The fact that he can cycle to different places on the roads, boosts his self-confidence and directs him into being a responsible young man in the coming years.

That is one of many parenting methods followed in first world countries since the system by itself supports and aids in a child’s growth and well-being.

Another remarkable fact is seeing business men, in sportswear, jogging around during their lunch break right next to their offices. In fact, many firms in Europe provide their employees with a gym and other sports facilities where stress is released. Thus fostering more focused, efficient, and content personnel.

The Tube:

Ever since I left Paris, I have always enjoyed commuting via the metro – or the ‘tube’ as it is known in London. It is the only place where a person witnesses the actual daily life of people with various backgrounds. From those heading to work, others to lunch, a mom with three or more children coming from a birthday, tourists, business men and women, to those moving furniture. It is incredibly amazing! Educational signs and advertisements indicating proper behavior are found in almost every corner in stations. That is how new generations learn about respecting people’s space and privacy even if the ‘tube’ is jammed! As a matter of fact they acquire tolerance, patience, and acceptance of others.

One of the incidents that stood out on the tube reiterates the attention and thoughtfulness of strangers towards pregnant women, the elderly, disabled or less able to stand individuals and young children, who out of respect give their seats and stand aside as we move from one station to the other!
What adds to the beauty of this underground world are the talented musicians, street artists, and singers whom I greatly cherish and value their work. Their struggles, dedication, and the will to live and move on in life is extremely inspiring.

Fun after Work:

It is remarkable to witness how people enjoy their time after working hours. Whether it is for a warm tasty cup of tea, or a drink with some friends, you always see busy families and individuals happily socializing after work. London is such a vibrant city at night as it is during the day, which I found to be very lively!

The Welcoming Feeling:

On the streets and in the shops, one is not judged by a social status, skin color, a nationality, a certain accent, or any other cultural differentiation. In fact, London embraces and welcomes people from all walks of life which is reflected in every corner of this glamorous city. Venders, attendants, taxi drivers – to name a few – are all friendly, helpful, supportive, and polite.

The Tough Real Life:

Being a tourist is completely different than living the everyday routine wherever you are in the world. However, despite the fact that people serve themselves, living in London reflects reality. Life is not only about happy moments, fun, and carelessness. There is more to it, and here people do learn to be responsible at an early age, giving the coming generations a wider opportunity for their future. It is not easy to carry your grocery shopping and walk home, fill your own car with gas, take the public transport, run to catch your train, and even bear the cold bitter weather almost all year round. However, such experiences, in my opinion, introduce genuineness which aids in having sturdier, mature, resilient, and well established citizens.

So what did London give me? Not the fancy clothes, the sparkling jewels, the tasty food, the endless shopping, but the rich culture, the sensible real-world life I appreciate, the dense greenery, and the knowledge one can attain in the simplest forms of exposure! But most importantly, London gave me the unique chance of becoming an aunt for the first time to my treasured niece! The infinite preciousness of motherhood is astoundingly experienced in miraculous life occurrences.

Thank you London for helping me realize that I am still that down to earth girl and to appreciate again and again the many blessings I am bestowed with.

Tourists in Batroun

Every year and with every visit I realise how words fail to convey the magnificence of our beloved Lebanon. In our usual annual getaway that my dear husband and I pursue, this year we decided to head to Batroun and discover its exquisiteness. 

Below are a must see areas which take you back in time and transfer you into the lovely old days of Lebanon.

Beit el Batroun:
We were lavished by the warm hospitality and generous welcome of Mrs. Colette Kahil, the owner. Located on a remote hill and facing the blue azure sea, the “beit” is extravagantly furnished with a rustic Lebanese touch. 

Beautiful handmade ornaments, tables, and chairs are exquisitely set around the house. The warmth and cordiality are what make this house a home for every individual who decides to stay there.

In addition to the tasty and healthy Lebanese breakfast, Mrs. Kahil pampered us with a mouth-watering homemade fig pie.

We left feeling content, relaxed and delighted to have had such a wonderful host. Thank you my dear Colette!
Old Souks of Batroun:

Beit el Batroun is just a few minutes away from the centre of Batroun which made it easy for us to take the car and discover the area around. As we walked along the tiny alleys of the old souk, we felt as if we have travelled out of the country. 

It hurts to see such a neglected beauty go unheard of… unspoken of. However, we were lucky to have met, by coincidence, an old man as ancient as the aged houses around, who gleefully and joyfully shared a few stories from the history this village carries. He guided us into visiting The Lady of the Sea, The Phoenician Wall that divided the Mediterranean Sea from the land, and the Roman Theatre. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the mighty long-standing historic treasures this part of the world has been glorified with.

Colonel Craft Beer:

Just a few meters away from the old souk, we went to Colonel which serves a unique crafted beer to meet every person’s taste. The restaurant compliments the beer with matching fresh food and select menu of local dishes. In addition to an indoor area where visitors can watch how the fresh beer is processed, there is also a “beer garden” where people can enjoy the drinks and food outside. Not being a beer person myself, I really enjoyed my passion fruit flavoured beer as I devoured a tasty and juicy ‘halloumi’ burger!

Ixsir Winery:
Up in the mountains of Thoum, the 400 year old house which was transformed into a winery perches proudly on the top. Fields of vinery and olive trees gracefully bow under the warm blazing sun. While waiting for our wine tour to start we indulged ourselves with a delicious fresh lunch.

The variety of food offered suits every person’s taste and preferences.  I mainly enjoyed the Pizzeta Chѐvre, Moutabbal Raheb, Mattaboulé, and Poisson Braa sur Sauce Hara. As for dessert, the Glace Sahlab Halawet El Jeben melts under the tongue leaving an incredible mouth-watering sensation. Afterwards we were escorted by our friendly guide who took us into the realm of winery and production.

I highly recommend visiting it and enjoying every single moment there.

Biomass Farm and Tawlet:

The Biomass farm in Jberta was our last destination. I felt proud to meet people who are working hard on spreading awareness and providing the Lebanese market with healthy organic products. The cleanliness, sanitation, production, and professionalism we experienced are remarkable. Ms. Pamela was more than delighted to have us visit the poultry house where the chicken happily and freely roam around a designated field as they produce organic A class eggs.

The farm also offers The Tawlet service – from farm to table – where people can book and enjoy a healthy lunch every Saturday and Sunday. In addition to all of that, there are outdoor play areas for children and a store shop for people to buy all those fresh products.

Thank you Biomass team for giving us such an opportunity!

It is with a broken heart that I look at our lovely Lebanon, knowing of its potential, its beauty, and its uniqueness, but it is still tied up and tangled.  I do pray that one day it will be able to break those binds, free itself, and flourish again. On this note, I leave it up to you my dear readers to comment, share, or inform us about any other beautiful destination Lebanon provides.