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She Lost Her Patience

  She lost her patience the other day and decided to run away. She slammed the door shut and out she went from her warm hut. She walked in despair inhaling the fresh scent of amber. Cool air brushed her worried face, As she walked in a rapid pace... Then her knees suddenly buckled underneath,… Continue reading She Lost Her Patience

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A Poem To Dad

Today, I dedicate a special poem to you my Dad! Because it is too emotional and it reflects a painful truth, I was a bit hesitant about posting it. At the same time, I cannot but honor the man who went out of his way just to make his family live a life where they… Continue reading A Poem To Dad

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A Toast to Every First

With her first child, a mom gets to experience every first for the very first time; the first contraction, the first labor encounter, the first overwhelming love, the first sickness, the first solid food trial, the first tooth appearance, the first step taken, the first birthday celebration, the first day of school separation, and the… Continue reading A Toast to Every First

About Life, Parenting, Poems by me

To Moms of Boys and Girls

Today's mother's day post is dedicated to moms of boys and girls alike. Since we need to empower both genders and guide them towards the right direction, it is our duty as mothers to work on building a strong foundation for each. For humanity to survive we need to pass this message over to the… Continue reading To Moms of Boys and Girls

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I Have a Brother

  I have a brother whom you might know With a free spirit and an endless glow. He walks the valleys from every side, Up the mountain and down the glide. In nature, he can soundly reside Making it his home worldwide... He ponders not on the past Or think of how long something will… Continue reading I Have a Brother

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My Faith

Out in the river I could see Golden light shimmering with glea, I held my breath and gazed With this beauty I was amazed. Nature is so perfect, so pure It is my harmony, my silence, my cure And if you listen carefully, That silence is so godly. The flawless light led me through Preparing… Continue reading My Faith

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The Teenage Life

I'm so into poetry these days, as I feel the need to express my real emotions through it. It is my way of dealing with the many changes we are currently experiencing. Check my poem "The Teen-Age Life" which is dedicated to my eldest who is almost a teenager and to every parent who has… Continue reading The Teenage Life