Review; Morning Breakfast

Our tantalizing morning breakfast at the Corniche Millennium Hotel was characterized by acquiring new concepts, and helped in directing us into following a healthier lifestyle.  In addition to the rich and mouth-watering buffet,  Mrs.  Fayyad exhibited a wonderful display of handmade jewelry which caught everyone’s attention and interest.  It was such a stimulating morning!


For the first presentation, we had a detailed explanation about teeth hygiene, where Dr.  Alghabra insisted on how sometimes simple methods help protect the teeth and keep them healthy. For example, in order to have a natural mouth wash, gurgling with salt and water is still considered to be the best.

We then practiced ten minutes of relaxing yoga moves, with Ms. Graham, which left us feeling calm, serene, and peaceful. Yoga is known to have its peculiar healing power on our bodies and minds. One of the best aspects about it, is the mere fact that it makes you feel blissful. What else would one ask for in addition to being healthy?


We ended our breakfast with Synergy and Ms. Zarjafar who beautifully talked about her own personal experience and how she decided to use cruelty free and organic beauty products. According to her, we have one face and the skin is our largest organ. That is why we need to treat them gently. Thanks to AdonicaKube, such items can be easily purchased online and delivered at your door step!

Finally, our guests received lots of wonderful gifts and vouchers from Beautology Salon, Hala Rewards, Layan Emirates, AdonicaKube, and Creative Dental Center.  Last but not least, I would like to take the opportunity and thank Ms. Nevine Albert, Director of public relations and marketing at the hotel, who showered us with her unique hospitality and warmth.

Looking forward to having you all again in more events in the coming year of 2017!

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Happy Halloween! 


This year we celebrated Halloween three times on three consecutive occasions. The boys were thrilled to be able to wear their unique costumes, that were purchased from Party City and which they were so fond of, for three continous days.  I was even delighted to see how ecstatic the twins felt as their pumpkins got filled up with candy and chocolate every time they said, “Happy Halloween! ” I cannot believe how fast time flies.  They were just born yesterday, and now they happily participate in special festivities with their siblings.



First we celebrated along with special friends and relatives.  Three awesome mamas took care of the decoration, turning the area into a beautiful Halloween setting.  They also prepared delicious homemade goodies and snacks, and organized fun Halloween activities. We all had a blast as we played, jumped, and raced – even the little ones of the group.


We, as moms, also got dressed up with some simple but fun costumes to join in the celebration with our kiddos. It simply becomes more meaningful when we are involved and join in the fun.




The next day, my hubby, kids, and I went to another cherished friend’s house where the kids enjoyed trick or treating.  Again,  they were showered with tasty snacks, extraordinary goodies, and heaps of candy.

Finally,  and like every year,  the boys went trick or treating in the neighborhood along with their dear friends. The excitement was peculiar as well.


Every time I cannot but notice the joy that glows from their young faces.  The whole scenario as I observe them melts my heart.  I look at them with pride as I silently pray that we will always be able to provide them with such happiness on any occasion given. I hope that, one day,  when they look back, they would be thankful and joyful as they reminisce over those special images from their childhood. As I write these words, my heart swells up, and I feel more than grateful for all the blessings I am entrusted with.

Happy Halloween to all of you my dear readers,  followers,  and friends. A big thank you goes to all of those who made our Halloween as special as it was. Hope you have enjoyed yours as well!


Celebrating my 2nd Blogiversary

To celebrate is to do something special to mark or honor a special person or an event. Celebrations are mostly characterized by enjoyable moments where happiness rules. In fact celebrations are designed to make people feel good. So how would it feel like when you are celebrating with amazing friends and awesome followers at the Royal Emirates Palace?


Last Saturday, I rejoiced in celebration of my Second Bolgiversary in the presence of a wonderful group of 28 amazing ladies at the Palace.


As we enjoyed a royal high tea morning along a royal service, we were pampered as we chatted, shared stories, and of course took many pictures with special props and hats. The menu involved a variety of mouth-watering mini-sandwiches, mini-cakes, scones with jam, and ending up with a luscious fondant au chocolat!


And as the ritual goes in all my events, we had our raffle draw where the ladies won awesome gifts and vouchers.


I would like to take the opportunity and thank each and every person who has directly and indirectly served in making me reach the point where I am now. The blog started two years ago as a simple contact with the outside world – a window for me to share my experience as a mom of five. Thanks to all of you, I am glowing as I grow with you!


Special thanks go to my dear husband, my children, and my family, who form my rock and whom I always count on! I am so grateful to have you in my life. My friends and followers, without you the whole blogging would be meaningless. Your appreciation and encouragement contribute in my success. Thank you!


Last but not least, I would like to thank the Emirates Palace for having us and in making the celebration a great success, Hallabolou, The Bulb, Hadaya Baskets, Ella Spa, Layan Emirates, and Racha Hallak Photography for the grand gifts and vouchers. Finally my sincerest wishes go to Ms.Karen Baz whose brilliant designs and ideas make all the event flyers come to life.


To check all the photos of the event, please go to thehelicoptermommy’s facebook page and cheers to many more years to come…


Emirates Palace: Pre-Iftar Sneak Peak Review

In its usual magnificent and warm welcome, the Emirates Palace embraced me and my husband to experience the grand pre-Iftar menu last week. Taking place in a majestic tent, which proudly perches in the main court of the palace’s gardens, we ventured through the dim lit corridor that was meticulously decorated with Arabian lanterns floating beautifully above our heads. This ambiance made me feel as if I have been transformed into a fairylike world with a vast warm space and a detailed interior décor.


White unsophisticated tables of various sizes and designs with comfortable arm chairs are neatly distributed having the buffet aligned in the middle. In addition, the pavilion holds a  separate lounge area and a private Majilis creating a cosy setting to enjoy the time with friends and family during the Holy Month of Ramadan. A number of enormous artistic chandleries arrogantly sway from each side giving the venue a special charm. Observing the combination of a modern and Islamic embellishment, I find it quiet attractive.


The minute we have our seats, dates, other dried fruits and nuts are served, then the refreshing jallab drink, yogurt, and fresh juices are also offered. Soon enough we head to the buffet and the variety displayed is overwhelming. Speaking of the buffet, there is of everything for everyone. On one side, there is a wide tasty selection of salads, mutabal, mini pastries, etcetera, followed by warm signature dishes and traditional delicacies; lamb biryani, fish, vegetables, lasagne, succulent meat from the grill, different chicken plates and more mouth-watering dishes.


Being a terrible addict of sweets, I found it difficult to satisfy my cravings through one type of dessert. Ranging from Um Ali to Kanafeh, cheesecake, macaron, crème brulée, and exotic fruits, I could not resist the temptation.


Ending the feast with a cup of warm Arabian coffee, we were content to have enjoyed our Iftar. I highly recommend that you pamper yourselves with such a royal experience. However, as we do so I pray that this Holy Month be a reminder for all of us to pardon, to improve ourselves, and to be grateful for all the blessings that we are granted with.


Review; Healthy Cooking Meals

Before the summer break starts and my family and I leave for our holiday, I was happy to organise yet another fruitful event held at Hacker Kitchens. Last Saturday’s cooking event was characterized by an active live cooking session, where the attendees were able to learn a couple of different recipes and prepare sushi burrito rolls!


Chef Thilan, from Basiligo, demonstrated and gave us exact measurements needed to prepare a fresh tasty Kale Salad filled with nutritious and healthy ingredients! We also learned how to prepare a healthy kid’s meal by using broccoli as the main ingredient. Finally, while listening to some salsa music, we rolled our own delicious sushi!


As the ladies asked questions, learned new cooking tips, and wrote down a few notes, everybody was cheerfully involved in the cooking session.

What I personally relished the most was when we had the chance to eat those mouth-watering plates!


I would like to thank you all for coming and being part of the event’s success. Special thanks and appreciation goes to Basiligo’s owner and team in providing us with delicious and appealing recipes, Hacker Kitchens for the venue, gifts, and warm hospitality, and Layan Emirates for always being my special support in all my events.

Until we meet again, I wish all those celebrating the fast Ramadan Kareem.



Cooking Class


Join Thehelicoptermommy and Hacker Kitchens and be part of an active cooking demonstration ‘Healthy and Delicious Meals for Children and Adults’ with chef Thilan Samarakkody from Basiligo!
Date: Saturday June 4, 2016
Time: 10:45 am till 1:00 pm
Where: Hacker Kitchens – Google Map
Who: Healthy Mommies
For free registration:
Log on to Cooking Healthy Meals
Looking forward to seeing you there!
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