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In collaboration with 360Moms; Dealing with Homework Struggles!

I am sure that as a mom, like me, you have faced and struggled with homework with one or all of your children. You might have as well swore, screamed, and wished you could flunk all those books out of the window. How many times have you wished for a magic formula that could save… Continue reading In collaboration with 360Moms; Dealing with Homework Struggles!

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Read With Your Child

It is not all about the recognition or the awards which I receive, but it is that unique joy which I internally experience when I know that I have in one way or another helped someone feel better, awakened a hidden passion in them, or I have simply succeeded in transmitting a certain knowledge which… Continue reading Read With Your Child

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She Lost Her Patience

  She lost her patience the other day and decided to run away. She slammed the door shut and out she went from her warm hut. She walked in despair inhaling the fresh scent of amber. Cool air brushed her worried face, As she walked in a rapid pace... Then her knees suddenly buckled underneath,… Continue reading She Lost Her Patience

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Parents of the 21st Century

Parents of the 21st century, I admire us! I admire how we survive the irony we live day by day. I admire our perseverance in attaining our goals. I admire that despite our fatigue and feebleness we continue to smile and enjoy life. I admire our creativity and the pressure we have put upon ourselves… Continue reading Parents of the 21st Century

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No matter what sort of year you have had, this is the time when you feel the need to sit with oneself and ponder about the past events, assess the current situation, and hope for a better future. Some of us work on changing certain habits, while others create a list of a new year's… Continue reading LOVE

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Expats; This is for You!

This is not the first time I experience the life of an expat. In fact, my life started as one. First, I was born in Saudi Arabia, in a remote area which was foreign to my parents. In it, I experienced a unique childhood where I grew up appreciating the beauty of the desert with… Continue reading Expats; This is for You!

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Change is part of life. Change cannot be escaped. Change is everlasting. And change is good no matter how challenging it might be! With change comes the positive side where a fresh embarkation is founded, clutter from previous years is removed, and growth is achieved. At the same time, different responsibilities arise, that unfamiliar beginning… Continue reading Change