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When Our World is Set on ‘On Hold’ Mode

Just like the movies our boisterous busy cities have suddenly transformed into ghost towns with deserted streets and barren silence. More than a billion of people across the globe is in lock down running away from the outside world and trying to maintain social distancing as much as possible. We are very aware that we are all under the mercy of a fatal destiny if we do not work on lowering the curve of spreading this ruthless COVID-19.

Throwback: London 2019

Like any new challenge we face in our lives, there are obscure uncertainties that haunt us. There is this dreadful fear which tends to thrive on our ambiguity and could result in aggression, tension and even abuse. Yes, I know that it is painful. I know it is scary. I know many of us feel hopeless, and I even realize how weak the human race is!

At the same time, we can take this ironic tranquility as an opportunity to discover our true-self and to attain ‘peace of soul’ simply because the latter is impossible to obtain if our pace is feverishly accelerated. So why don’t we try to take this ‘enforced retreat’ as a juncture to a better human attitude? Because if we succeed in achieving this goal, we will be able to truly help the less fortunate and make a real difference in our world.

Atelier Assaf – Lebanon 2019

Personally, I have been working on slowing down a bit and crossing out as many extra ‘excitement’ in my life as possible. In fact, the pace in which we live in and what we describe as our modern life, is over-stimulated! Studies reflect how this increases in creating stress and frustration. Simultaneously, this causes emotional instability and illness in our souls. Moreover, it produces physical fatigue and inner sadness! So how could such pathetic circumstances enhance our lives?

That is why, slowing down is essential, and it is fundamental to realize that it is totally O.K. not to be able to complete the infinite things we have been holding upon ourselves and our families. Let us try to slow down a bit and learn how to calm those inner thoughts. After all, our bodies respond sensitively to the type of thinking that crosses our minds.

Shou fi warana“? Is an Arabic expression, meaning, ‘Why hurry?’ is my trendiest sentence these days, and you cannot imagine the serenity it leaves within my heart and body. Knowing that I do not need to rush and tend to my duties out of the house, I am in control of my own time. I am able to really manage these seconds without any pressure. For the first time, I do not feel guilty for not being able to equally divide my time among my kiddos. Long is gone the 10 minute slot which I used to dedicate for each one of them because now we have plenty of time to play, talk, study, watch TV, exercise, and simply enjoy each other’s presence.

Home – Oman 2020

Of course, and I totally acknowledge that we cannot live forever without being able to socialize – because in the end we are social beings and having true genuine people in our lives is a bliss. We also need to feel the freedom of moving around and to enjoy our lives out of the house. I would never imagine myself not being able to see my parents, siblings, relatives and dear people to my heart. It tortures me to even picture that I would not hug and pull my beloved ones close to my heart. At the same time, I cannot but accept the fact that I have to take it day by day. Pray. And truly Believe that this will eventually all end.

Until then, let me make the best of what I have now and build new habits that would serve me positively. That is how when we are able to meet again, we would be more loving, caring, thoughtful and loyal.

To accelerate my positive thinking and to maintain my sanity, I am working on three fundamental life components:

1.Faith: We all agree that FAITH can always overcome fear. That is why, every day I challenge myself on emptying my mind by draining all negative thought and practice filling it with faith and trust instead. Having faith empowers me enormously.

2. Belief: I keep telling myself, “There is no difficulty you cannot overcome,” and this needs a daily dosage of continuous courage in order for me to actually believe that there is no obstacle that can stop me from creating my own and my family’s happiness.

3. Gratitude: I practice gratitude on a daily basis and with that I see abundance flowing towards me. Gratitude nourishes my soul with hope and optimism. It even puts a contented smile on my face.

These three practices have been my armor for a while now, and I am working on solidifying these qualities since I have the Time to implement them and make them part of my daily actions. Here, I wonder and ask myself, once we are back and about to what we call our ‘normal life”;

* Will I continue to carry on with my duties as a mom and wife without actually feeling frustration or exercising guilt?

* Will I continue to be mindful of our environment, knowing that our forced quaratine has dramatically reduced the pollution, and sharp declines in pollutant emissions across the world’s most populated cities have been observed!?

* Will I continue to be conscious of reducing waste and plastic making it a point to always keep that extra fabric bag in my purse?

* Will I continue to appreciate the beauty of nature and the harmonious sounds it showers me with on a daily basis?

Quote Dave Hollis

I wish I could guarantee living in this mental state after this lock-down! I also do hope that we all learn from this experience and come out of it stronger, more considerable, and more tolerable! At the same time, I feel ashamed that we had to wait for a pandemic virus which has forced us to learn how to sit in silence with ourselves and to reflect upon what truly matters in life in such circumstances. We were moving at an insane speed which we considered to be the norm, unaware of the many blessings which we have been bestowed with and which we have taken for granted. Unaware of the harm we were inflicting upon mother earth and other beings too. Unaware that we are also micro-beings in this vast Universe and the minimum thing to do is respect the essence of our existence.

So now tell me, how are you making the best out of your time during this ‘on hold’ mode?

Home – Oman 2020

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