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How I Became an Emotionally Resilient Woman?

In a time suffused with stress, anxiety, injustice and the recently generated viruses, I feel that being a woman in this era, I have a greater role in enhancing my emotional resilience in order to face this instability around us!

The word resilient comes from the Latin word ‘resilio’ which means ‘to bounce back’ (parentpsychology).

So by definition, Emotional Resilience is ‘the ability to adapt to stressful circumstances.’ The more resilient we are, the better our ability progresses in knowing how “to roll with the punches” and adjust well without causing long lasting inner damage.

Therefore, how can we, as women of the 21st century, solidify our inner balance and psychic mindset? How can we learn to ride the wave and surf on top of it instead of drowning under its forceful torrent?

1. Gratitude

In my opinion, being grateful is one of the strongest methods which helps a person overcome any type of agony. By focusing more on what is right for me and my family and the endless blessings I am bestowed with, the positive flow that swells within me calms down my anxiety!

2. Sit with myself:

Throughout those years I have learned how to embrace any type of discomfort which I might come across. This has helped me tune my emotions and be able to manifest change instead of surrender. Maturity has taught me that holding on to those insecure feelings cause more harm than acquiring how to express them!

3. Live in the now:

While this seems like a ‘cliche’, it is very true! Our thoughts can take us on realms of illusions and even fear. Instead of being prisoners to such thoughts, I have gradually learned to liberate myself from such a captivity and simply let go of what hurts me or worries me!

The rule is simple! I do what I have to do and let go of the rest! By doing so, my problems seem to dissolve, my worries anchor calmly at bay, and the burning fire within my heart settles down!

4. Communicate:

When I surround myself with genuine positive people and we engage in constructive conversations, I am able to release my worries simply because I get the chance to talk about them. It is essential to find those individuals in our lives because they provide us with the support we need, especially in hard moments.

After all, effective communication helps in fostering good relationships and improves a person’s morale.

5. Admit my mistakes:

Mistakes are not moments of defeat! In contrast, they are opportunities of improvement and inner growth! Like every other individual I have failed and still slip every now and then. This is part of our human development because it is through such downfall that I become even stronger than before. So instead of hiding from or forgetting about my mistakes I use them for my benefit.

“You make mistakes. Mistakes don’t make you.” Maxwell Maltz

6. Acceptance:

Learning to accept any kind of disappointment or misfortune which we encounter throughout our lives has developed a sense of courage and strength within me! This has solidified my faith and has given me the stamina in facing the game of life with all its ups and downs.

7. Happiness:

Finally and most importantly I choose to be happy! At any given moment in time I know I can choose what is more important for me and my happiness is my priority! That is why, if my behavior is bringing sadness to my soul, I would definitely have to do something about it.

We all know that the final decision will be done by the individual herself and it is up to me whether I want to see the positive side of the problem I am facing or not!

Moreover, doing personal activities like exercising or baking brings joy to my soul and fills me up with positive vibes! Hence I am the one who is responsible for enhancing my whole mindset and attitude towards my life.

Yes, life is not easy and what we are currently experiencing world wide can be suffocating! Nevertheless, knowing that I cannot change what is happening around me, I can always change my own personal perception and decide that I will overcome any obstacle which might arise along my path!

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For Women’s International Day, I dedicate this article to every woman out there! Know that you have so much strength and power within you! Believe in yourself and in your ability in order to make that remarkable and positive change our world needs! So ladies let us be those phenomenal emotionally resilient women of this century!

“Resilience is a muscle. Flex it enough and it will take less effort to get over the emotional punches each time.”

Alecia Moore

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