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2019 – I Bid You Farewell

As the year comes to an end and January is just around the corner, I find myself pondering again over the past year and how I have benefited from the 365 daily opportunities which presented themselves to me every single day!

If you have been following me for a while you would have realized by now, that I am not someone who is infatuated with numbers or the beautiful mysteries they carry. However, by simply visualizing the number 2020, I have a sensation that it will instill a sense of magic in our souls and create a long waited change within our hearts – and I do pray that I am not mistaken!

For the past two years, I have been putting great effort in strengthening my inner stamina and in enhancing that boundless soul which is enclosed within me. For example, in 2018, I prayed for infinite true Love, and if you remember, that year in particular I was immersed and still am surrounded by its glow! Although it was a year where I have experienced many changes and faced some hardships along the way, but all the while I could concretely sense the Love people felt towards me. It was so beautiful, so assuring, so unique! Due to that, the intensity of Gratitude was routed within me and every day in 2019, I made it a point to stop every once in a while and praise those endless blessings with which God has bestowed me with!

It is true that 2019 was one tough year – just like any other year in the normal life of any being – be it on both the emotional and physical capacity! It took me on low rides and high ones too! It made me test my patience on many intervals! It taught me more about my inner balance and how I perceive myself, not only as an individual woman, but also as a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a teacher! It made me dwell into an inner expedition of discovery making me more aware of what affects my emotional status and how I can improve to become a better version of myself! In addition, 2019 shoved me with new challenges to resolve and some overwhelming responsibilities to face!

Moreover, it made me celebrate many successful achievements which resulted only after infinite trials and failures! It also opened fabulous opportunities of meeting great people whom I learned a lot from. Finally, 2019 has also invested in me a sense of awakening, where I have come to accept that true happiness is never attained through the materialistic purchases we make, yet it comes from a solid well balanced inner state of mind and heart.

As the years pass, and I try to get a better understanding of how life functions despite the unfairness, the injustice, and the pain many people get to experience, I realize that the more I strengthen my beliefs the more fortunate and gratified I become. I can actually sense that through such an appreciation, we will always be blessed with God’s merciful gratefulness!

With this practiced gratitude in 2019, I reached a conviction that people’s sufferings, all over the globe, must be put to an End. Seized. Banished. And Executed! With what is currently happening in my beloved country Lebanon, and other civilians who have been suffering for endless decades in different countries, I only ask 2020 to embrace us with true Peace in the hearts of the human race and sincere satisfaction in their souls. I simply refuse to accept the fact that we consider ourselves civilized people when other humans still suffer from famine, poverty, rape, injustice, abuse, corruption and inequality. I refuse to call ourselves enlightened individuals of the society when we consent to the sufferings of other fellow people.

How can we rejoice with the great achievements and pronounced advancements which we have accomplished in life, yet we still exhibit wrongness on each other?  It is truly shameful that in the 21st century, we still act and behave in a brutal manner disguised under expensive clothes, sweet lies, and camouflaged intentions!

All the wrong doings that have been implemented throughout the decades, were and still are created by man and not by nature nor the stars, not even astrology! They are pure results of greedy and selfish appetites!

I beseech you to wake up and start by looking for the inner Harmony which we have buried in our hearts. Let us sprinkle this sparkle joy, like confetti, for the good sake of all human race! Let us make 2020 a remarkable year for Peace, Justice, and Freedom!

How do you visualize the coming year, and what is your main target by the end of 2020?

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