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Lebanon; A Country of Abducted Dreams

Disclaimer: I have always sought writing as a means of expressing my thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. To ventilate and when experiencing any kind of emotional instability, writing becomes an indispensable tool to release my suffering, anger, and stress. In these tough times, where I am witnessing, from far, how my country is finally fighting to retrieve back its kidnapped aspirations, I address this article to every Lebanese Soul wherever that soul may be.

After a few days of the murder of Alaa Abu Fakher, I cannot stop myself from crying as I type these words down! My heart aches and my ears still shriek in horror as I listen to the screams of an innocent child who has witnessed the assassination of his father by a cold-blooded murderer right in front of his horrified eyes! A child whose immaculate childhood has been savagely raped! Whose beautiful dreams have been demolished! Whose young soft hands and knees were stained with his father’s blood! His very own father – his boundless role model who has vanished out of this world in a split of a second!  

In the Tragedy of Macbeth, Shakespeare dramatizes the physical and psychological effects of political greed and ambition. In the story, Lady Macbeth, who willingly participates in the crime of killing the King, is wracked into realms of madness as she obsessively tries to scrub the blemishes of blood off her hands, months after assisting in the crime! So tell me who will rub off those stains from that juvenile Lebanese child? Who can mend his broken heart? Who can ever erase the bleeding torture, the vacant loss, the unrepairable damage…

Tell me how can you put your mind and conscience to sleep?!! Tell me because I want to know how much more wrong you want to practice in this world until you actually DO something and take proper and righteous actions!!!!? Am I too naive not to be able to accept the fact that in the 21st century people still suffer from poverty, famine, insecurity, and mostly injustice!!! On top of it all, the government dares to continue giving speeches, discussing justice, debating equal rights and mocking the people’s demands! This needs to STOP!

“Happiest depressed people you will ever meet”, was one of the most eye-catching banners I have come across in the Lebanese protest which has started a month ago! Yes, we are people who relish life! Despite the past harsh years of multiple wars and current threatening economic situation, which have physically and emotionally drained the Lebanese people, we still enjoy living! And that is why we are unique! And that is something no one can demolish!

Personally, I am someone who has never showed any interest in politics or even cared to educate myself about the reality that was slowly poisoning my beloved country. A country, which I was not born in and have mostly lived in for around fifteen out of my 41 years of life.  A country which I appreciated, but also hated for not being able to embrace me and my family. A country which I felt devastated to see it crumble and being helpless in front of the system that controlled it. Deep down, I was disgusted! I was terrified! I was tired! That was the reason why I blocked out my emotions towards the reality and just masked my inner true feelings!

Despite all that, we continued to work hard on instilling that lost love in the hearts of our children. This is one of the many essential reasons as to why we frequently travel to Lebanon. We make it point to take our children on touristic field trips so they learn to appreciate its beauty and form a constructive link, which we as parents living abroad, have dropped and lost.

But this article is not about me or how I deal with this reality. It is not about politics or how decisions are opted simply because it is beyond my interest and domain. It is not about the love-hate relationship I have established with Lebanon throughout these years. It is not about my physical weariness every time I need to pack for our flights!

It is in fact about the amazing indestructible Lebanese citizens and the resilience which they have mastered throughout those painful years. It is about how tragedies and murders of countless innocent souls make us move forward and never give up! If you have not noticed yet those Lebanese have an imperishable eternal spirit which has been used and abused on many terms, yet it still unyieldingly floats with dignity, persistence, and enthusiasm. Those people whom I am proud to share the same blood with. Those people who have protested in one of the most civilized manner which not even first world leading countries have achieved. And the beauty of it all is that the love they have for the land of the Cedars is unpretentious, is honest, is genuine, and is mostly truthful!

Image taken from livelovebeirut

It is a shame that we have to lose precious souls to make people understand the importance of this revolution! It is a disgrace to witness such corruption and remain silent!

If I wanted to describe the Lebanese people, my words would fail to decipher the true meaning of patriotism which we have been forced to bury in our wounded hearts and scorched chests! Honestly, I am baffled with the adamant character, the proficient organization, and the stubborn perseverance of the “People of the Thawra”. They know where the good of the citizens lies and are willingly ready to sacrifice their lives, just like Alaa Abu Fakher, Hussein Al Attar and many other brave martyrs, for this precious land of ours and for the future of the coming generations!

I salute every person behind those free spirited spirits who through their actions, silent patience and hushed sufferings have induced in us the power of never giving up! May God shield you all with infinite patience, tolerance, perseverance and victory!

1 thought on “Lebanon; A Country of Abducted Dreams”

  1. Texte de très haut niveau, en fait , c’est un cri d’alarme écrit avec une encre particulière : le sang de l’amoureuse de sa patrie…
    C’est un cri d’alarme qui dénonce la
    Situation dans s’est engouffré son pays.
    Finalement , c’est lueur d’espoir à tous les compatriotes pour un avenir meilleur.

    Liked by 1 person

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