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She Lost Her Patience



She lost her patience the other day and decided to run away.

She slammed the door shut and out she went from her warm hut.

She walked in despair inhaling the fresh scent of amber.

Cool air brushed her worried face,

As she walked in a rapid pace…

Then her knees suddenly buckled underneath,

She could not even breathe.

So she came to a full stop,

And on the soft wet grounds, she fell down in a drop.

She twisted her thin fingers around her crimson curls,

And pulled on her head in spirals and twirls.

Warm tears streamed down the freckles of her face,

As she looked at herself in disgrace.

‘What kind of mother are thee?

To leave your little one with no mercy…’

She knew she loved him with all her heart

And with him she could never even part!

His presence was a bliss,

A feeling she would not want to miss…

But she was tired and consumed,

She felt lost and totally confused.

She was overwhelmed and afraid,

Of the new forced responsibility that came unpaid!

She felt clueless and terrified,

As she sobbed, cried and cried…

In desperation she tightly hugged her knees,

Holding her head up to catch a cool breeze.

She wanted to fill in her lungs

With flowers, butterflies, and shrubs…

She craved for sunlight and shine

And soft petals covering her spine!

She has been trapped for weeks,

With a fragile baby of rosy cheeks,

Curly red hair on fire,

And dark brown eyes filled with desire.

On her own night and day,

She had to carry him, feed him, love him and pray!

Bathe him, cuddle him, move and sway…

On her own, was she and could not even rest!

Her patience was out for the test…

Her belly still wobbly and soft,

That long delivery she wished she forgot…

The gnawing pain that tore around her back

Making every bone within her crack!

Her enlarged breasts filled with warm milk,

Suddenly dripped softly and ached in a blink.

She gasped for breath as her heart sank in her chest!

Like needles, goosebumps on her skin were thrown,

Making her shiver to the bone.

She turned to nature to observe

How perfect and ready it is to serve

A human, a life, and a lost soul!

So she knew she had no choice but to control,

That inner distress and pain,

And be strong for her baby’s gain!

For him she would live and die

Cross the oceans, weep and cry.

No matter how demanding or tough

She had to be brave, courageous and rough…

So she finally had the power, and up she stood,

She realized how challenging is Motherhood!

It will continue to throw her from side to side

And make her fall down an extremely steep slide,

Then wildly pull her up and let her fly,

With unconditional love and compassion to glorify.

But that is only the start…

Of an everlasting loving and aching heart!


Painting by Michael Garmash

Note for the reader:

I wrote this poem a few months back, but didn’t find the occasion to post it. With all the Love February brings along, I realized that would be the best timing for my poem to appear to the public.

It is due to that unconditional love that this tired and worn out mother could actually overcome her breakdown as she stepped into the supreme ocean of motherhood!

Love heals our souls. It mends our pain. It gives us hope. And it brings light to our life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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