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Social Media Exposure

I am sure that many of you have noticed that I do not fully expose my children’s faces on social media. Funnily enough, I even get criticised for not doing so. Generally speaking, people tend to jump into conclusions; they assume that my decision is based on fear of having the evil eye on us!

To be honest, some critics make me smile but thanks to my blogging I would like to share with you the main reasons as why I keep their pictures somehow discreet.

Every time I post something related to them, I ask for their premision. I respect their decision because I totally honor their privacy, and I support their judgement.

I believe that this is one of the ways I am able to teach them about the importance of privacy and agency. I also want them to learn how to deal with social media which starts at home and by setting a midway in everything they do in life. For instance, the elder two boys have just started using What’s App, so my duty as a mom is to set the good example. Otherwise, they would not know what kind of pictures to send and with whom they can share their private information. I am actually making them aware of the dangers of the online world and teaching them how to deal with it with confidence and respect. They need to know that any picture posted online does not belong to them anymore and can be shared/edited/photoshopped in any way. I have already tackled this issue in a previous post which you can read about in the link below:


We are fortunate to be living in Abu Dhabi, and I thank God every single day that we reside in such a safe place. Still, during my recent years of blogging, I have had two scary incidents due to the fact that I shared our whereabouts on social media.

After all, we don’t actually know what this openiness to the world will lead us to in the future. I would definitely not want my blog to be the reason behind any misfortune.

We need to remember that we never know who in the world is watching us and learning about our every move. Don’t we all teach our children about ‘stranger danger’ in real life? Why would I want to put my children under the observation of any danger caused by a stranger from the virtual world?

Moreover, I have always believed that the idea of following a certain trend does not necessary have to be correct. So if everybody is doing it, then I don’t need to do the same. It is not that I am against anyone or criticising other people’s options. It simply does not suit me to have my family pictures open to the public. Through my words and articles people could actually visualize our lives, and that is what blogging is all about.

Interestingly though, by not having my five being fully exposed on social media, it becomes more difficult for me to find appropriate and authentic photos to share. At the same time, it makes my work unique and fit to my style of living.

Since my feed is genuine and sincere, I felt it essential to highlight these issues and help spread awareness about the online ghost whom we need to keep in mind everytime we post a photo of our precious children.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on that and would love to hear the way you help your children deal with the online world.

11 thoughts on “Social Media Exposure”

  1. Very great article and I agree that we have to respect other people privacy.Children especially should not be exposed to the public or strange people who we hardly do not know their intentions.Once something happens to the children could affect them for the rest but of their lives.So we have to protect them by all means.
    Thank you for highlighting this issue.

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  2. I agree with you as well regarding their right to privacy and I admire the fact that you ask them permission before you post their pics , I follow the same principle. However, here is the thing, we live in the age of internet and unfortunately whether we post pics of our children on our feeds and stories directly or not,there will always be a way that these hackers, social ghosts or whomever else is interested in our daily life can get the information they are looking for. Furthermore, by limiting the use of these social media apps are kids may be at risk to lack the knowledge and know-how in using these modern day tools which in return could hinder their performance in the future on a professional level. So the dilemma I face is….when is it enough? And how much or how little do we expose them? We do also want to consider that if we hide them from the public eye and constantly teach them to do so, it may backfire on their confidence and self esteem on the long run. I guess our best bet is that we 1-definitely ask them permission to post their pics as you mentioned and 2-allow them to post content wisely and causiouly reinforcing that posts should somewhat be of a positive, beneficial or educational purpose.

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    1. Can’t agree more. I appreciate your feedback a lot. Yes there is no right decision to be made. We can’t hide them and we can’t expose them. We should help them be aware of the things they post. I told them earlier today that they could set an example to their friends by sharing educational or fun or beneficial information. It’s not easy 🙏


  3. Thank you for highlighting this issue.
    As a mom, i always think about social media exposure, but as we were raised with the value of respecting other people’s privacy we think all people think the same way!
    However, can’t agree more with you, you opened my eyes to use the social media positively to teach my daughters how to respect others and mirror my respect to their privacy.

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    1. I appreciate your feedback. Yes social media has a lot of advantages if used properly. It is not easy though to have the children understand it and it needs a lot of practice, follow-up and patience.


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