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My 3rd Blogiversary

Hello guys, Three years ago, I launched thehelicoptermommy since I wanted to share my experience as a mom of five through a real virtual world that can reach moms across the continents. Moms who come from different places, diverse backgrounds with various beliefs and several principles. Moms who are employed and moms who are not.… Continue reading My 3rd Blogiversary

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Women In Business

In the past few decades, women have achieved great successes and attained unique goals. We see them in different fields of work, inventions, and businesses. They have used their creative multitasking skills and chased their dreams inspiring and empowering others. September 22 marks the founding of the American Business Women's Association. Its mission is 'to… Continue reading Women In Business

Poems by me

My Flower in the Desert

In the desert, when you were born, You were so tiny, I couldn't even hear you moan. I looked at you, Not believing my eyes 'Cause I've never held a baby of that size. A tough preemie you were, My determined and resilient girl. A spirit with ultimate power You bloomed into my Dahlia flower.… Continue reading My Flower in the Desert