Three years ago, I was in an ambulance  heading on a 40 minute hospital ride to deliver my twins! With my urgent case, my local obstetrician did not have the developed medical equipment to save my preemies!

I still remember my shocked reaction as we have planned all the details and reviewed the steps we needed to follow, but what happens in reality is mostly completelty different than what we imagine! As the warm and caring midwife tried to comfort me, I couldn’t but think about my babies’ secure birth praying in pain that all will pass smoothly… My water broke at 32 weeks and I knew there was no turning back. I had to move forward and what the future hid for us was completely obscure. 

Luckily, the minute I was pulled inside on the wheelchair and headed to the delivery section I directly knew we were in safe hands. 

Today, I want to thank again @alrahba hospital for their exceptional care and professional medical services which not only saved my twins’ lives, but they have played a major role in their healthy well being and growth.

Can’t be more grateful!

That is how special today is 💙💖 

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