You suffer a lot of pain yet you embrace it with a smile,

You conquer defeat yet you hold your head up high.

You sacrifice your youth yet you are more than content,

You spend all night awake yet you find pleasure in it in the end.

But the marvelous thing about you is the ability to forget;

The pain, the labor, the tears, and the defeat,

While you joyfully embrace and shield significant memories of your most cherished  ones.

Then they grow and your worries increase,

Your anxieties inflate, swelling painfully in your chest,

Your dreams get shattered,

And you wonder if you are doing it right!

Motherhood, you drive me crazy.

You make high,

You make me low.

You hit me hard,

Then you caress me ever so gently

Stroking into my hair,

Giving me sweet attention and endless care.

Motherhood, you twist me and turn me around

You harshly crush my hopes, then pin me arrogantly to the ground.

Motherhood, you ignite in me flames of happiness and distress.

You teach me about love and forgiveness presented in a neat mess.

You unveil truths I dare not face,

You make me experience a sweet torture I never even thought I could bear…

And yet you have blessed me with the miracle of being that mom…

A mom with unlimited ardency,

A mom with a strong will to move on,

A mom whose force and power could move mountians,

A mom who does a lot of mishaps and mistakes as she fights against fatigue and distress,

A mom whose responsibility sometimes exceeds her limits, yet she insists on reaching that far realm.

Motherhood, thank you for all this unique beauty, the incomprehensible pain, the bewitching sorrow, and the fascinating delight you bring along this journey…

May we do it right!

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