How My Mom Inspired Me

Whether we like it or not, every girl takes after her mom. Even if we think we do not, but by time we see ourselves becoming more and more like her. Some of us, if not most, feel proud about it. Even if we know that she, like us has done mistakes while raising her children, she still is our idol. No matter whether we feel that we resemble our moms or not, they have definitely inspired us in one way or the other.

Not because she is my mother, but as a person I came to admire her even more the day I got married and left to live in France. I used to tell her that I could see myself through her as I faced the challenges and responsibilities this new stage in life gave me.
She was and still is my guide, my support, the base behind my patience, my ambition, my strength,  and the first person who taught me what unconditional love is. I was not aware of these remarkable attributes when I was young and thought I owned the world. She has seen in me that passion towards writing and she kept encouraging me to write.

Her words still echo in my mind as she endlessly urged me to write about my experiences, insisting how joyful and satisfied I’d feel once I do that. She was more that right!

To encourage me even more towards my literacy education, she used to proudly say that I am the flower of the house amongst the mathematicians and doctors around me. She never mentioned how bad I was in Maths, and how illogical Physics was to me! Let alone Chemistry ….

My mama inspired me in many ways, and encouraging me to write is only a minor part of all that she has given me. But look how significant that has been on my life!

Through writing she has helped me reflect upon my problems, release my tension, experience happiness, be connected to the given moment, and mostly find the real me inside me!

We cannot thank our moms enough for what they did, what they do, and what they will do for us…  I am grateful for every second of my life for having her as my mom!

Looking forward to hearing how your wonderful moms have inspired you…
Please share this post with as many awesome mamas as possible as a way to celebrate together their uniqueness!

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