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Tourists in Batroun

Every year and with every visit I realize how words fail to convey the magnificence of our beloved Lebanon. In our usual annual getaway that my dear husband and I pursue, this year we decided to head to Batroun and discover its exquisiteness.

Below are a must see areas which take you back in time and transfer you into the lovely old days of Lebanon.

Beit el Batroun:
We were lavished by the warm hospitality and generous welcome of Mrs. Colette Kahil, the owner. Located on a remote hill and facing the blue azure sea, the “beit” is extravagantly furnished with a rustic Lebanese touch.

Beautiful handmade ornaments, tables, and chairs are exquisitely set around the house. The warmth and cordiality are what make this house a home for every individual who decides to stay there.

In addition to the tasty and healthy Lebanese breakfast, Mrs. Kahil pampered us with a mouth-watering homemade fig pie.

We left feeling content, relaxed and delighted to have had such a wonderful host. Thank you my dear Colette!
Old Souks of Batroun:

Beit el Batroun is just a few minutes away from the center of Batroun which made it easy for us to take the car and discover the area around. As we walked along the tiny alleys of the old souk, we felt as if we have traveled out of the country.

It hurts to see such a neglected beauty go unheard of… unspoken of. However, we were lucky to have met, by coincidence, an old man as ancient as the aged houses around, who gleefully and joyfully shared a few stories from the history this village carries. He guided us into visiting The Lady of the Sea, The Phoenician Wall that divided the Mediterranean Sea from the land, and the Roman Theatre. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the mighty long-standing historic treasures this part of the world has been glorified with.

Colonel Craft Beer:

Just a few meters away from the old souk, we went to Colonel which serves a unique crafted beer to meet every person’s taste. The restaurant compliments the beer with matching fresh food and select menu of local dishes. In addition to an indoor area where visitors can watch how the fresh beer is processed, there is also a “beer garden” where people can enjoy the drinks and food outside. Not being a beer person myself, I really enjoyed my passion fruit flavoured beer as I devoured a tasty and juicy ‘halloumi’ burger!

Ixsir Winery:
Up in the mountains of Thoum, the 400 year old house which was transformed into a winery perches proudly on the top. Fields of vine and olive trees gracefully bow under the warm blazing sun. While waiting for our wine tour to start we indulged ourselves with a delicious fresh lunch.

The variety of food offered suits every person’s taste and preferences.  I mainly enjoyed the Pizzeta Chѐvre, Moutabbal Raheb, Mattaboulé, and Poisson Braa sur Sauce Hara. As for dessert, the Glace Sahlab Halawet El Jeben melts under the tongue leaving an incredible mouth-watering sensation. Afterwards we were escorted by our friendly guide who took us into the realm of winery and production.

I highly recommend visiting it and enjoying every single moment there.
Biomass Farm and Tawlet:

The Biomass farm in Jberta was our last destination. I felt proud to meet people who are working hard on spreading awareness and providing the Lebanese market with healthy organic products. The cleanliness, sanitation, production, and professionalism we experienced are remarkable. Ms. Pamela was more than delighted to have us visit the poultry house where the chicken happily and freely roam around a designated field as they produce organic A class eggs.

The farm also offers The Tawlet service – from farm to table – where people can book and enjoy a healthy lunch every Saturday and Sunday. In addition to all of that, there are outdoor play areas for children and a store shop for people to buy all those fresh products.

Thank you Biomass team for giving us such an opportunity!

It is with a broken heart that I look at our lovely Lebanon, knowing of its potential, its beauty, and its uniqueness, but it is still tied up and tangled.  I do pray that one day it will be able to break those binds, free itself, and flourish again. On this note, I leave it up to you my dear readers to comment, share, or inform us about any other beautiful destination Lebanon provides.

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  1. Merci pour ce post! Je pense que chacun des endroits visités peut à lui seul faire l’objet d’une publication puisqu’ils sont porteurs d’une initiative et d’une histoire! J’espère pouvoir faire ce circuit bientôt! Tu meconseilles de le faire avec les enfants?

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