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Yay! Potty Trained

Certain book titles like “How to Potty Train your Child in Just Three Days” seem to be something out of reach, but my little girl proved me wrong. Last Tuesday, she woke up with a decision in her mind; she had her intentions set on completely removing her diaper. As we were choosing her clothes for the day, she held her underwear saying, “No couche, mama! I want culotte.” I saw the determination in her eyes and her readiness to get rid and done with her nappies. So hiding my eagerness and excitement, I calmly explained to her that underwears cannot hold anything inside, and that she needs to use the potty in order to stay clean. And she agreed!

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To my surprise she had only one accident while the rest of the times she was able to inform me about her need to use the potty. On the third day, she was able to maintain her potty training even when I took them to a play date where she successfully used the regular toilet.

i can i willOf course we have been working on the concept for a year now by talking about it, reading books, and showing her and her twin brother as well, how we use the toilet. I also kept repeating that they soon will be able to remove their diapers. Her twin brother got excited about trying it as well, but he showed no signs of real interest or readiness to do so. That is why, I did not focus on the issue with him and decided to finish with his sister first.

And so our potty training came easily, smoothly, and with no stress (during the day and at night as well). The biggest gratitude goes to my little girl – 2 years and 3 months – whose decision gave me a forth cast on the type of woman she will turn into; a determined young lady who is able to take the right decision at the right time.

According to Dr. Schmitt, professor of paediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Medical director of the Encropesis-Enuresis Clinics, stress free potty training can improve a child’s self-confidence and grant him/her the independence he/she seeks later on in life.

However, if done improperly, studies show that it can lead to several long term issues which might be difficult to solve later on in life. Trauma, timidity, and fear are some of those concerns that might arise. We need to keep in mind that the child at this stage is fragile and sensitive. Being empathic, patient, and understanding the child’s needs result in having a successfull potty training.

The more parents become frustrated and look disappointed by how long the process is taking, the more the child may withdraw into himself/herself and feel embarrassed and timid.

I believe that the calmer we are, the less stressful we act, and the more understanding we become, most parenting issues seem to be easier. So whether it is working on potty training or dealing with emotional concerns, we as parents need to work on our attitude first before having the impact on our beloved children.

N.B: I have written an article about potty training before where I have included a few important points as well. You can also have a look on it by clicking on the link below:



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