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Yay! Potty Trained

Certain book titles like “How to Potty Train your Child in Just Three Days” seem to be something out of reach, but my little girl proved me wrong. Last Tuesday, she woke up with a decision in her mind; she had her intentions set on completely removing her diaper. As we were choosing her clothes… Continue reading Yay! Potty Trained

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Sensing Art

During the summer break, my children and I usually get the chance of doing more art work together. This time we had the opportunity to explore the Johnson’s Pure Protect Exploration Kit which consisted of various products. An instruction book which describes the proper use of each of the ten products was also included. Tang powder bags,… Continue reading Sensing Art

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Life in a Village

Our beautiful Lebanon provides children with plenty of natural and nurturing experiences that help in their growth and development. Last weekend, I took my precious five to their father’s hometown village where we decided to spend a few days - unlike the previous times when we only completed a few visits and left. Like most… Continue reading Life in a Village