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Emirates Palace: Pre-Iftar Sneak Peak Review

In its usual magnificent and warm welcome, the Emirates Palace embraced me and my husband to experience the grand pre-Iftar menu last week. Taking place in a majestic tent, which proudly perches in the main court of the palace’s gardens, we ventured through the dim lit corridor that was meticulously decorated with Arabian lanterns floating beautifully above our heads. This ambiance made me feel as if I have been transformed into a fairylike world with a vast warm space and a detailed interior décor.


White unsophisticated tables of various sizes and designs with comfortable arm chairs are neatly distributed having the buffet aligned in the middle. In addition, the pavilion holds a  separate lounge area and a private Majilis creating a cosy setting to enjoy the time with friends and family during the Holy Month of Ramadan. A number of enormous artistic chandleries arrogantly sway from each side giving the venue a special charm. Observing the combination of a modern and Islamic embellishment, I find it quiet attractive.


The minute we have our seats, dates, other dried fruits and nuts are served, then the refreshing jallab drink, yogurt, and fresh juices are also offered. Soon enough we head to the buffet and the variety displayed is overwhelming. Speaking of the buffet, there is of everything for everyone. On one side, there is a wide tasty selection of salads, mutabal, mini pastries, etcetera, followed by warm signature dishes and traditional delicacies; lamb biryani, fish, vegetables, lasagne, succulent meat from the grill, different chicken plates and more mouth-watering dishes.


Being a terrible addict of sweets, I found it difficult to satisfy my cravings through one type of dessert. Ranging from Um Ali to Kanafeh, cheesecake, macaron, crème brulée, and exotic fruits, I could not resist the temptation.


Ending the feast with a cup of warm Arabian coffee, we were content to have enjoyed our Iftar. I highly recommend that you pamper yourselves with such a royal experience. However, as we do so I pray that this Holy Month be a reminder for all of us to pardon, to improve ourselves, and to be grateful for all the blessings that we are granted with.


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