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Review; Healthy Cooking Meals

Before the summer break starts and my family and I leave for our holiday, I was happy to organise yet another fruitful event held at Hacker Kitchens. Last Saturday’s cooking event was characterized by an active live cooking session, where the attendees were able to learn a couple of different recipes and prepare sushi burrito rolls!


Chef Thilan, from Basiligo, demonstrated and gave us exact measurements needed to prepare a fresh tasty Kale Salad filled with nutritious and healthy ingredients! We also learned how to prepare a healthy kid’s meal by using broccoli as the main ingredient. Finally, while listening to some salsa music, we rolled our own delicious sushi!


As the ladies asked questions, learned new cooking tips, and wrote down a few notes, everybody was cheerfully involved in the cooking session.

What I personally relished the most was when we had the chance to eat those mouth-watering plates!


I would like to thank you all for coming and being part of the event’s success. Special thanks and appreciation goes to Basiligo’s owner and team in providing us with delicious and appealing recipes, Hacker Kitchens for the venue, gifts, and warm hospitality, and Layan Emirates for always being my special support in all my events.

Until we meet again, I wish all those celebrating the fast Ramadan Kareem.



4 thoughts on “Review; Healthy Cooking Meals”

  1. Dear Rania ,
    Good morning ,
    I would like to thank you for this nice event on Saturday 04 of June 2016, it was my first time to participate in cooking class, it was amazing .
    I would like to share something with you i have read it :

    ” A recipe has no soul . You must bring soul to the recipe as the cook”.

    Good luck Rania and thank you,


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