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The Many Blessings of Grandparents

Encouraging children on building a strong relationship with their grandparents is essential, especially when they do not live close to them. Even though it would seem that building such a relationship as difficult, yet it is not impossible. There are many rewarding benefits for everyone when there is a stable and healthy relationship merging through the generations.

Like many expatriates who were given a memorable opportunity to live and enjoy the United Arab Emirates, we terribly miss the presence of ‘the grand parents’. However, we are always planning on being together at any occasion given. It is indeed special and relaxing when we go and stay at their place, but it is even more sensational when they come over and stay for a short period of time with us.  Their mere presence in our household, where they witness our daily routines, enjoy the children’s daily rituals, and form memories with them is blissful.
When a solid understanding between the parents and the grandparents is set, the grand children will have a positive and a remarkable bonding with them.

Below is a list of how our dear grandparents – from both sides – assist and spoil us when they come over for a visit:

Family Bonding:

Grandparents act on the fact of having cousins, aunts, and uncles unite and build strong bonds with each other. A very long time ago, at my grandparents’ house, the love I have established towards my cousins was due to all those special meetings we experienced together. We were free to explore, learn, play, and unearth as both of them adored our mere presence. Their home was our heaven!

Not wanting our children to miss on such moments, we work hard for them to get that same chance and those unique moments, which form an exceptional period in time.

Story telling:

Grandparents are a great source for story telling especially when they narrate tales about the parents’ childhood and mischiefs. It indirectly makes the children appreciate their parents and look up to their successes and learn from their failures. Moreover, it helps children develop their listening skills as they cuddle warmly next to them.


Personally, the only time I enjoy an outing with my husband is when our five are being watched over by their grandparents. It not only makes them feel young again, but it also gives us a sweet break from our monotonous routine.

Secret sharing:

I frequently find the boys murmuring with their grandmas; a sight I enjoy seeing a lot. They might even discuss issues they know I do not really approve of. However, when grandparents are positively involved with the grandchildren, healthy guidance is accepted by the latter.

Food cooking:

Who does not enjoy having the grannies cook on their behalf? I do not know what makes their food unique, but it is special, different, and filled with unconditional love. Again, it gives me a pleasurable break off my mother duties, and I love it!

I can still remember the odour and taste of the fresh warm glass of milk that my granny used to prepare for us along with grandpa as we dipped her homemade cookies in it. It was a joyful mouth-watering morning feast.

Parenting tips:

I am the type of person who accepts advice and take an elderly opinion into consideration. Sometimes we need a soft reminder about our parenting style that can keep us sane while we raise our children. I know that they do not say it just to criticise, but because they have been in a very similar situation not very long time ago.

General Activities:

No matter how many activities and interesting outings I involve my kids in, the fun they have when they play with their grandparents is packed with special spices. I remember myself when my grandfather used to teach us science lessons which we understood and enjoyed more with him. When given the chance, my children prefer having their grandparents review a certain school work, or recite a certain lesson. Even studying with the grandparents has its own aroma!

Celebrate the child’s success:

We find grandparents congratulating our kiddos for any success or a milestone achieved.  They do it with love, pride, and enjoyment. Welcoming such an appreciation, my boys sometimes share their successes on Skype. So you find one of them playing the guitar in front of the screen, and the other asking me to take a photo of his latest Lego creation to send it by What’s App.


Last but not least, grandparents are experts in spoiling not only grandchildren but also us the parents. They do it spontaneously as they know that now they have the chance to live the moment given with their dear ones. Trust me when we miss having our precious grandparents we find the spoiling part badly needed.

For my part, I adore their presence with us. Their existence is a blessing, and I am grateful that we exhibit the chance to have our children enjoy them as much as we can. Grandparents could play a crucial role in creating a fulfilling childhood which our children would enjoy talking about years later, like we do now. Bless all the amazing grandparents out there.


2 thoughts on “The Many Blessings of Grandparents”

  1. I loved this article Rania it brought tears to my eyes, you brought to the surface those wonderful feelings of warmth and security and made me realize how blessed we are to have our parents by our sides, God bless all the grandparents and may he grant them health and the long life we treasure so much.

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