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Passionate Readers

April 2 marks the International Children’s Book Day which also celebrates the birthday of the Danish storyteller Hans Christian Anderson.

Those who know me can easily distinguish the eternal passion I have for reading. Through books I explore worlds, I cross oceans, and I travel back and forth in time. In other words, I go to infinity and beyond.

Since I was a little girl my books have been my sanctuary where I would spend hours and many nights dwelling in their haven, adoring the smell of ink on the sheets, and discovering new eras through its lines.

Reading helps people in becoming more creative, knowledgeable,  peaceful, and it is thought to be the best and fastest way to develop young children into intelligent human beings. But how can we instil a love for reading which promotes a lifetime of learning and enjoyment, especially when not all children enjoy such an activity?

Below are a few suggestions I would definitely pursue in order to transmit my craving towards reading to my children:


Taking your child to the library, especially when there are certain reading activities performed helps him/her appreciate reading. By simply being surrounded by thousands of books, discovering the beauty of their covers and texts enhances the child’s curiosity to read more.


Read together:

Spend some time reading stories together as it is one of the strongest tools to encourage a child’s reading skills. Moreover, it is a great memorable bonding time for you and your child. Encourage your child to choose the books she/he would like to read. Here it is essential to note that reading is not a chore but a choice. You can also increase their engagement with reading by asking them to share the information with you as why they liked the book, or what they learned from it etcetera.

Audio books and documentaries:

We can always make a good use of advanced technology. If, for example, your child is not keen on reading or has reading difficulties, audio books and documentary watching come in handy. It is true the child is not practicing his/her phonetic and decoding skills, but he/she is learning new vocabulary, information, and might even learn certain expressions.

audio books

Beyond Books:

Reading is not only constricted to books as a child will gradually understand that she/he needs to read instructions to learn how to play a certain game board, a video game, or having a pen pal. Providing the child with magazines and comic cartoon series are also other fun ways to have him/her enjoy reading.

Encouraging Reading Charts:

Having a visible record to make the child see his/her progress develops a special connection with reading. It also gives him/her a sense of realization to his/her accomplishments.

reading chart

Check the link below to get those reading charts and learn more about their usage.  www.homeschoolcreations.net/2013/05/reading-challenge-charts

As a mom I can observe how each of my five has a different relationship with books. It would be a blessing if they all shared that passion towards reading. I am always behind them trying to work on aiding them in any way to foster the love of reading within. As Michael Rosen says, “If we don’t learn to love books we don’t read. And if we don’t read widely, we don’t think deeply.”  www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Passionate Readers”

  1. Your choice of words and passion for reading are communicative and contagious! U just reminded me how well it feels to immerse oneself in the universe of a book and enjoy the trip. I used to think i have to wait until the kids sleep so i can enjoy a peaceful reading, i am now getting my book and each of my childrens books and will try to see if that encourages them to read too. Thx for the inspiration!

    Maya Ch.


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