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My 5 Most Annoying Parenting Situations

Parenting has its gratifying and reprimanding moments. It is a mix of ironic conflictions, unique experiences, and surprising challenges. In fact it is an endless story of every day happiness, struggles, love, anger, patience, emotions, and routine. Moreover, we need to endure those monotonous chores that could sometimes be actually annoying.
Personally, I do tolerate and deal well with most of the issues like fights among my boys, the mess they create, and other boyish endeavours. For example, I try my best to rationalize things with them, set specific rules which they need to respect as well as implement my patient attitude and character.

Similarly, I enjoy reading the same story for the twins as long as they both ask for it ‘again’. I even savour the loud noises they make while they all play together. However, what really infuriates me are the following parenting rituals – until now – which have the facility of painfully distressing my exhausted body:

  1. Diaper change:

The worst case scenario is when I am done with the twins’ shower and everyone is neat and tidy as we enjoy our dinner. Then, there is this awful diaper smell coming from one of the twins. So of course mummy needs to change it! It does not take me a long time to wash and put a new diaper. It is normal, with experience I have become super-fast. However, a couple of minutes later, we smell that same awful odour coming from the other twin! There we go again! Happy hour…


2. Bottle preparation:

I am in the process of weaning the twins off their milk bottles and using a sippy cup instead. Still, the worst time of having to prepare the bottle was around 5:00 am in the morning. It would still be dark outside and the house would be so calm and quiet. I simply could not continue enjoying my sleep in my warm bed once little Raphy wakes up ready for his morning milk bottle. I just don’t know how I got to prepare it with only one eye opened for all those months…

milk bottle

  1. Last minute change:

You might have an idea how much time it takes us to have all five get ready and go for an outing. I simply adore looking at them all neat and tidy standing next to each other. Yet, how could mummy come back to reality?  Of course, last minute accidents always find their way…. It is either one of them spills water on their clothes, gets a stain out from nowhere, or one of them falls down and tears his pants. So time stops again for us to solve the issue before we have to carry on with our plans. It is true it takes only a few minutes, but honestly it does bother me.

  1. Waking up siblings:

Usually, the twins sleep before the boys do, but we would be blessed if their boyish noises do not awaken their little siblings. How would you feel when one of your children wakes up the little baby who has been sleeping for almost an hour? I guess this issue will last for a few more years in our case. It would be easy if the twins slept directly after their nap has been disturbed, but sometimes they would just realize they are too energetic and active that they can play for the rest of the evening.

  1. Our bedtime:

The minute we think we can have our own ‘peaceful’ time and we decide to sleep, one of the children chooses to wake up. My eyes would be wet with tired tears, and my body is aching in fatigue. My partner and I start begging each other to get out of bed and settle the issue even though we realize we are both out of order. Does it happen to you as well?

sleeping baby

What are your most annoying situations? Do you relate to the above mentioned ones? Let me know by sharing your comments below. Hanging in there…


N.B.: photo credit online resources


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