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Managing My Diet; Event Review


“What you eat is what you are!”

I strongly believe that whatever we put into our bodies is manifested in our life in general and in our health in specific. Saturday’s event on ‘Managing Our Children’s Diet” was characterized with rich information, dynamic interaction, and solid convictions. Dr. Rachel Leiper presented how we, both adults and children, should fuel up our system with suitable and beneficial energy that is obtained in the food we consume.

interaction image event 2

One of the most rewarding things I got that day was when my son confirmed the fact that he now understands why I keep insisting that they all have healthy food choices. In fact, children love to hear the same facts told by the parents from other professional resources.

random picsI was delighted to watch the attentiveness and the smart questions the children came up with. Both moms and children were all involved and concerned about adapting a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, Dr. Leiper soothed our apprehensions by explaining that once we consume the healthy nutrients needed by our bodies, it is OK to have some pleasures – but in moderation of course.

dr leiper

When we actually think and take our time in thinking of what we are eating, we in fact help our bodies overcome certain cravings and direct our needs towards more healthy eating habits.


To make things more tangible for the attending moms and children, Dr. Leiper presented the amounts of fat and sugars found in certain foods which people usually enjoy. Honestly, we were all shocked by how much nasty fat and calories hide inside small quantities of cookies, nachos and cheese, and other tasty snacks.

jars ana

She also asked the children to draw their favourite plate by trying to add any other nutrition to make it nutritious. The children were all enthusiastic about discussing their choices and talking about it with her.

Another important factor that Dr. Leiper insisted on was the amounts of food people consume. Here, she provided us with a chart whereby people can measure the quantity of food they consume based on the size of their palms – as shown in the image below. For example, a child’s palm is much smaller than that of an adult. Hence, the amount that a child should ingest should be less as well.

palm measure

When the participating children were asked about the lesson they learned from the seminar, some gave the following answers:

“We have to eat more vegetables and less junk food.”

“Today, I learned how to balance my diet.”

“I will always remember to have fruits and vegetables in my healthy plate.”

“Never watch TV while eating or else you will never enjoy and feel the taste.”

“Eating healthy = a better life.”

“I was shocked when I saw the containers of the amount of fat and sugar found in some of the foods that we eat! It will make me think twice next time I decide to have some nachos.”


“I need to concentrate more on fruits and vegetables. Eat portions as the size of my palm. Drink more water and do physical activity.”

“I learned that healthy eating isn’t about what how much you eat from it, it is what you eat.”

“We can eat everything we crave for, but in smaller portions.”

“Today, the new thing that I learned was that our body like cars and electronics needs fuel. Healthy fuel. We can also eat junk food, but with moderation.Thank you for today’s seminar!!!”

me and julie

I am so proud of all the children who attended. Their mere presence was a notable decision of understanding why healthy eating habits are important in their lives.

We ended the seminar by distributing certificates to all the children and a raffle draw that included many amazing gifts and vouchers.

I would like to thank all of those who participated in making the seminar such a successful event; the attending and concerned moms, the distinguished children, King’s College Hospital Clinic and its professional staff, Dr. Rachel Leiper, Dr. Julie Kirkham, and all those who provided me with the special prizes and vouchers – Partiperfect, Body Tree,  Nutri-Slim, and Layan Emirates Gifts.

Let us all stay healthy and fit!

group pic event 2












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