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What Sleeps with You in Bed

There is nothing more relaxing than sleeping in a comfortable and fresh bed. We tend to think that our beds are one of the cleanest household items. Moreover, we tend to believe that washing and changing the bed sheets on a frequent basis keeps germs, dusts mites, and dead skin out of our way.

Long ago our smart ancestors, at the end of the winter season, used to remove all the mattresses and leave them exposed to direct sun light. Furthermore, they would remove all the interiors of the mattress, subject them to sunshine, and even hit them with special thin twigs. They did not do those rituals for the sake of filling up their time. In fact, they were reserving their health by cleaning their own beds. They were not only removing those tiny particles which we cannot see with the naked eye, but they were also sanitizing their sleeping milieu.

I do not know if it is because we do not have time or because we are kind of lazy, but our generation tends to disregard such issues. We sleep on ‘filthy’ mattresses unable to understand why we and our children suffer from asthma, eczema, fatigue, headaches, and other health issues.

Thanks to healthyhomeme and their professional team, we can now be blessed with a healthy sleeping environment. I was one of those lucky moms who was able to experience their amazing work. I loved the fact that they sanitized our mattresses using high tech equipment that is chemical free and safe. The team was right on time, took around an hour to sanitize three mattresses, and competently responded to all my inquiries. After vacuuming the mattresses, they used a UV light machine that sanitises the insides of the bed. You might even smell the odour of the dead skin being removed!

I was flabbergasted by the amount of filth that came out of the mattresses. I did not know what invades our beds until I saw the results.

mites results

What is amazing about their service is not only the professional manner, neatness, and tidiness of its employers, but also the fact that their treatment is environmentally friendly.

Here, I find it is essential to highlight a few facts about dust mites;

  • Two million dust mites live in our mattresses, rugs, pillows, stuffed toys
  • They do not bite
  • They feed on dead skin
  • They cause allergies
  • Almost invisible to the naked eye

I am sure you would not want to be sharing your bed or any personal item on the matter with something that looks like this;

dust mites


Healthyhomeme does not only offer a complete hygiene for mattresses, duvets, walls, baby toys etcetera, but they also clean and disinfect your AC ducts, sofas, and carpets.

You won’t regret contacting them and have those dust mites busted!


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