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‘From Your Valentine’

Like any social event, media has its influence in ways where such occasions are used and abused. I always love to dig into the story of any occasion; a recipe, a specific outcome, or any kind of social and ritual occurrence.

Valentine’s Day is not different from any of those occurrences which I take the advantage and teach my children about true Love. After all, there are many different meanings behind it. For example, telling your child, “I love you,” and saying “I love chocolate,” carries a different kind of love.

It is said that there are seven kinds of love. Personally, I find that the Agape Love or the Divine Love – is the noblest, the purest of all. In fact, it is one of the hardest to be genuinely attained but the most exquisite if felt for a few seconds. Once you know Love you acquire all knowledge as Shams Tabriz puts it;

tabriz love

Nowadays, what we practice on Valentines is buying our loved ones flowers, chocolate, and sometimes jewellery. Children enjoy crafting cards for their parents. Some even hold Valentine’s Day parties and celebrate with friends. Whatever, a person does it is essential to remember the essence of love as without Love there is no life.

Symbolizing abstract feelings to children is essential. Here comes the part which I enjoy as we learn together to love everything about simply being. It starts with a letter or a card and could reach endless oceans of serenity and peace. That is how we can attain the true qualities of Love.

rumi on love

Below are interesting facts about the history of Valentine’s Day which you might want to share with your beloved ones;

  • The roots of Valentine go back to Ancient Roman Fertility Festival held in mid-February.
  • The oldest known valentine still in existence today was a poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower Of London.

the poem

  • Valentine’s Day could be celebrated in remembrance of the story of three different men who shared the same name Valentine; a priest, a Saint, and a prisoner.
  • In the 1300s the story began to be linked with love and romance.
  • First valentine greeting cards appeared in the 15th century
  • In the 17th century British people started to officially exchange valentine letters and cards.
  • Today 1 billion Valentine Cards are exchanged each year.
  • More than 220 million roses are produced for the occasion.
  • 6 billion couples are likely to get engaged on Valentines.

Whatever type of love you experience, may you be blessed with as many loving moments now and always. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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