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How Can I Be A Patient Parent?

When it comes to parenting or dealing with children for that matter, we all consent to the fact that we need to exert patience at its best. Being the so called “patient mom”, I challenge this attribute every single minute of the day, especially when all five are around me arguing, complaining, or even fighting.

regret pateince

Some believe that they do not have this patience, and feel lost as to how to acquire it. But trust me even those who are characterized with lots of patience come to a point where they would like to throw a fit themselves. At this moment in time, we are experiencing a few changes and we have too many errands to be done. At times, I feel I am losing my patience. Since I hate the feelings I get after snapping back at my kiddos, I am trying to implement as many as positive adjustments as possible.

Here is how we can all work on increasing our patience tolerance:

Reduce tasks:

It is OK not being the super mom who can do everything and be everywhere at the same time. It is OK to say No for a few tasks and have specific empty slots on your calendar. We need those moments for us to breathe, to sit with our souls a bit, and to reflect. This not only contributes in patience, but also in peacefulness.

nature patience

Be present:

I always mention how being present makes a calmer person, but it also makes a person more patient. If we really listen to our kids, enjoy watching them while they play, cherish the moments when showering them we are actually being happily patient. It is easier said than done, especially when we have other worries on mind and those entire ugly feelings sneak out when we are doing routine stuff.

Sleep and wake up early:

Sufficient sleep and body rest reduces stress. Although this is not totally applied at our home, but when we are really blessed with enough sleep, we feel relaxed and we enjoy parenting at its best. Of course we also have the patience to deal whatever issues come up.


Confide in them:

Whenever I lose my patience with my kids, I tell them that I need their assistance for me to maintain being the patient mom they know. Their actions influence my whole being, and for me to remain composed and poised there is also a huge responsibility on their side as well. They love to feel important and they would want to help me achieve my goals.

Physical or Mental Activity:

Any kind of physical sports or any mental exercise like meditation, or yoga releases a person’s stress and evacuates one’s inner fatigue.  Once this goal is attained, we can be characterised by forbearance.

A quote from Rumi somehow summarizes the whole idea of patience.

rumi patience

Well restored and serene parents are those who exhibit patience at its best. Let’s all try to maintain such an exuberant lifestyle. I would love to hear more from you and what methods you use in the comments below.

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