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2015 Resolution

I cannot believe how fast 2015 has elapsed and in two days we will welcome 2016. I do not know about you, but as a mom of five I feel I have been carried on a speedy and flashy expedition as we explored the past year together; the twins on their own way of exploring the world, and the boys heading towards pre-teens attitude. Phew! Yes, that was swift!

We had our ups and downs, our mishaps and learning, and our despairing and cheerful moments. Like all parenting methods, there is no one correct way as it is always built on trial and error. That is why, for the year 2016, I decided to apply what I used to do with my students a few years back.

year 2016

The following charts not only help our children set main goals and work on achieving new objectives, but they can also be done by us as parents. Once we teach our children at an early stage to visualize their targets, the more functional and efficient they become as they grow.

The first chart sets five main goals the child would like to achieve during the year. By writing down his/her objective, the child is encouraged to not only picture it, but also work hard on attaining it. Once the first objective is achieved, the child can move on to the second one.

My Objectives for the year 2016


Another good method of changing a certain behaviour, attitude, or even bad habits is to utilize the More/Less chart. What is interesting about it is that the child has to simply write down what he/she needs to have more of and less from using one word only. For example, the child can write, fruits under ‘More’ and sweets under ‘Less’. For younger children a picture or a drawing can be used instead of words.




Like everyone else, I have set new targets for myself where I will be implementing these charts as well. In the hope that you all attain your goals, I wish you my dear readers a very happy new year filled with health and prosperity.  Cheers!

new yr


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