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Happiness is a State of Mind!

I have been frequently asked about how I remain calm, composed, and happy all the time with all the responsibilities that I have as a mom of five! Others ask if being a stay at home mother, after being a working mom, drains me. Many wonder if I feel bored, empty, down, or even dispirited! Well, yes sometimes I do!

The simple answer to these questions would be it’s all a state of mind!

I am not a perfect mommy, nor will I ever be. I have my ups and downs, worries and anxieties, weaknesses and strengths! Sometimes I feel too tired to think of an extra fun activity for my kids and I give in for their favourite 30 minute PlayStation time. Other times, I am not in the mood to cook and prepare food so I resort to ordering lunch!

perfect mother

However, there are a few attributes for which I am grateful of possessing and others that I have worked hard on accomplishing which make me the mother that I am at this very moment.

Positive Thinker:

I am a very positive person on the inside, and that is what makes the whole difference in my life. In fact, being positive boosts a challenge every minute of the day. For example, for every bad or worrying thought that I get, I replace it with a happy image. I try to manage stressful moments by attracting positive ideas.

Strong Belief:

Though I do believe in fate, I know at the same time that I am a human who can decide for herself. I do my duties to the maximum and accept the consequences no matter what life throws at me! I do not let circumstances take over and control me, both negative and positive outcomes. I also trust the fact that there is a good outcome from any negative incident we face. Even if I do not see it immediately, I know it exists.


Whenever I count the blessings we have been offered, I do not have any excuse not be grateful and happy. It is true we have worrying moments, hard times, and demanding challenges that we might be devastated with. At the same time, we have five adorable and healthy children, a warm home, and nutritious food on the table. All the other extras that we get as we move on in life add up to our long list of blessings. Feeling grateful all the time blows a magical dust of inexplicable contentment within a person’s soul.

grateful heart

Present Moment:

You all know how playful the mind is and how mischievous it can be in making our future fears control us. Training the mind to focus on the present moment diminishes almost half of the stress we experience. So instead of giving up to the feeling of being down, I pull my thoughts up and tell myself that whatever I am undergoing now can be ended in a second. So when I am with my children, I am fully occupied with them. I try my best not to have my thoughts wonder elsewhere as we take pleasure in the activity being done.

me playing with d


Like the flooding rivers, my soul loves change, and mainly abstract ones. I do not make major bodily changes as I am more than satisfied with the healthy person I am now, and that is what counts. Change towards a better me, is an on-going procedure that helps a person enlighten the soul. That is something I am trying to teach my children where I encourage them not to fret about others, but rather worry about how they can be upright and worthy beings.


Good Listener:

I adore the fact that many people confide in me and I find pleasure in helping them overcome any kind of difficulty. Listening to others, opens new perspectives in my mind, and formulates me in a remarkable way into a new mature person. You either learn different things about overcoming obstacles, or you realise and feel grateful that you have already passed this phase and help them surmount it as well.

My Sanctuary:

Finding an activity that helps a person get out of this world and calm the spirit is essential. For me writing and reading are my sanctuary. In my free time, mainly when the twins nap in the late mornings, I head for my books or computer. Baking sweets is another way that helps me release any tension. Lately, I am considering following some meditation classes as an additional haven for my soul.


Inner Satisfaction:

Throughout my years I have always sought inner satisfaction and not those of the society. What I do and how I do it is for my own growth. When we keep ourselves preoccupied with positive inner fullness, we would not really seek social approval.

 The Smile Effect:

Smiling does not only make you feel more happy and positive, it also sends those positive vibes to those around you. When you know you can have such an effect on others then why not? Simple acts have big effects.


So my dear amazing moms, we should not feel guilty for all those harsh and difficult moments where we feel we are about to give in. Find your ways, train yourselves, and have open discussions with your partners in order to help each other to continue offering the best for your miraculous precious blessings!

I would love to hear the methods you, my dear readers, seek to keep you composed, happy and positive for yourself, significant others and your kiddos…

child eyes



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