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Silkor Facial Solution Review

Despite my duties and despite the fact that I am always on the run, I do make it a point to have some “me time”. As dedicated moms, we should make sure that we cannot but take care of ourselves. Once a mom feels content and energetic, she will provide her family with better care.

Silkor Laser  Medical Institute has offered me a dazzling facial experience. This Facial Solution includes:

  • A session of peeling (15 minutes)
  • A session of Mesotherapy (1 hour)
  • A session of Diamond Micro Dermabrasion (1 hour)

The result was amazing as the package given has revived my skin and gave me the needed glow.

As usual, at Silkor you are always welcomed with a warm smile. The minute your enter its meticulously furnished seating area you feel you have entered into a calm and cool haven, away from the boiling heat and boisterous noise outside. A few minutes later, you will be asked with a sincere and hospitable smile about your drink preference.

First of all, I was given a detailed consultation session where Mrs. Chehade thoroughly explained the procedure to me in detail. We set the appointment and I was looking forward to being pampered.

It is crucial to start with the chemical peel, since it is the abrasive element that will trigger the results. As the technician gently cleansed my face and put on the creams, she explicitly told me what she was doing, the type of products used, and what I expect to happen during the coming days.

first peel

The minute she used the acidic substance, I felt I could peel my skin off my face, but the burning sensation diminished as quickly as it started. Soon enough all was back to normal.

I was also offered an anti-agent night cream, which I had to use for three consecutive nights.

The next day, I received a follow up phone call from Silkor making sure I was satisfied with the treatment. This routine, yet significant, call is something I highly appreciate because it makes me feel valued as a costumer.

Two main things you need to keep in mind once you finish with the peeling session:

  • Avoid direct skin contact with children for six hours.
  • Use sun screen on a daily basis

As predicted, I did not really peel a lot. I had a few dead skin falling off from the sides of my mouth and the tip of my nose as shown below.


Around day three the peeling increased, but it was not that annoying as it mainly happened at night. After two weeks, I was ready for my second session.

After the peeling stage is over and done with, Mesotherapy comes next which was an ironic combination of pain and pleasure. The minute I entered the spotless room, there was a red rose on the stretcher. The technician cleansed my face, and then massaged it for a few minutes. It was incredibly relaxing. Apparently, having a routine facial massage helps in dismounting the presence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Then, came the difficult part where the technician used a hygienic roller made of micro needles, which is given to the client, and rolled it all over my face and neck.

micro needle

Though painful with a burning sensation, this treatment provides the face with the following advantages:

  • Essential vitamins for the face
  • Gives a plumbing feeling as it tightens the skin
  • Removes scars
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

After all, the saying goes “No pain, no gain!”

Once the technician finished with the roller, she covered my face with a special nourishing mask, and gave me an exuberant massage for my hands, arms, shoulders, and head. The burning sensation on my face decreased, and I left home with a natural pink glow.

pink glow

Finally, the last step of this facial was the Diamond Micro Dermabrasion with Shock facial treatment, which was heavenly.

applying cream

Again, I was welcomed with a red rose on the stretcher. After cleansing my face, the technician started with the Diamond Micro Machine, which basically sucks in the dead skin. It is not painful, and helps the pores of your skin open up and get rid of all its toxics.

I was surprised by the amount of dead skin that came out of my face.

diamond machine

Then, with my eyes covered and my face concealed with special moisturizing creams, I was spoiled with a full hands, shoulders, and neck massage. All along there was a relaxing music in the background. All the tension, the stress and pressures dissolved, and I did not want the session to end.

cream face

The beauty of all of this is getting up and seeing your face gleaming with radiance.

 Thank you Silkor  for providing me with such a unique experience. I have received many compliments about the glow you have bestowed me.

I am so glad to have had the chance of undergoing such an extraordinary Facial Solution. What about you, my dear reader, how do you usually spoil yourself and take care of your beauty?

final glow

For further information about the Diamond Micro Dermabrasion and the Mesotherapy, and Silkor’s services please check the links below:

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