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Anger Management And Children

Last Saturday, we were delighted to welcome thirty moms who attended our seminar, “Anger Management with Children”, presented by Mrs. Mardam Bey (Relationship Coach). Not only there was an opportunity to have a deeper vision on parenting, but moms shared their struggles, pondered on certain solutions, and cheerfully left with a new parenting revelation along with vouchers and prizes offered by Silkor Laser Medical Center and Layan Emirates Gifts.

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Mrs. Mardam Bey focused on three main points in parenting:

  1. Parenting is a growth process and any growth comes in pain.
  2. Biggest enemy of parenting is knee jerk reactivity.
  3. Kids throw tests at us and how we can learn to respond differently.

As she thoroughly explained these ideas, she gave us the opportunity to share our worries, fears, success, and mostly on how we can focus on ourselves and make the right decision when faced with a specific struggle.  Once we are angry we forget our skills of communication and without the latter, solid relationships cannot foster and grow.

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For this post, attending moms shared their reviews of the seminar and their visualization on dealing with anger management. They were asked to describe how they benefited from the session in one sentence, and below are some of the answers I received:

“Be more patient, try to stay calm, and know how to pick your battles,” mom of 2.

“It was a great awareness session that had covered in details certain important and daily interactions between parents and kids with proper guidance,” mom of 3.

“Explain your anger, do not express it, and you will open the door to solutions instead of arguments,” mom of 2.

“I learned that I am the one who can control my anger. I always have a choice; get angry and crazy or stay calm and use better communication. It is a choice that will affect my actions and my relationship with my kids, now and in the future,” mom of 3.

“Anger can be a terribly harmful emotion if it is not controlled. If we as adults learn how to control our reactions we would teach and reflect on our kids positive attitude towards any situation,” mom of 3.

“Today was my first time to attend a session like this. It was amazing as I could freely express myself. I will try to apply what Rasha said, be calm, reliable, and not to take our children as enemies,” mom of 2.

“The seminar today made me realize that our kids are not robots to be programmed by us. They like and dislike many things just like us. We have to respect and embrace that quality,” mom of 2.

“Raising children is a learning process for both children and parents as well,” mom of 3.

“Parenting is not a battle and casualties are not acceptable. You should have the power to control yourself,” mom of 2.

“I learned that I need to be more diplomatic when dealing with my daughter, thank you for the conference,” mom of 1.

“Today’s workshop was an opportunity for me to stop, reflect on my relationship with my two girls and gain new insights on how I can make this relationship grow. Very informative session and great initiative. Thank you,” mom of 2.

“I learned to be more patient and more relaxed,” mom of 3.

“It was a very interesting session that made me think and re-think about the things we do without thinking…my favourite part was imagining my kids in 25 years,” mom of 3.

“Using the ‘guntlet’ method in addition to the exercise ‘In 25 years from now’ I believe are the keys to resolve day to day issues in our relationships with love and attention rather than authority and rules. The session was concise and engaging! Thank you again for all the effort you put and for all the ongoing ‘giving’,” mom of 3.

“The session helped me realize that it is possible to create a smoother relationship with my kids by doing things differently,” mom of 2.

“I found this ‘Anger Management with Children’ course very beneficial as it gave us useful tools to control one’s anger, to manage responses, and to develop an ability to stop before saying or doing something we might regret,” mom of 2.

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Mrs. Mardam Bey ended her session by the following video which I recommend to be watched as it shows us the importance of “being” rather than “doing” for ourselves and our children.

It was a fantastic morning that ended up with a raffle for five lucky moms who won a super treatment from Silkor.  A big thank you to Rasha, Eliane, Lama, and Nesrine; your continuous support and cooperation were incredible. I would also like to thank each and every beautiful mom who attended. Without you this would not be happening. We look forward to seeing soon, and remember parenting is not a war – it is about building a relationship where we agree on things together. Once we have established such a strong foundation, there won’t be any room for anger to rule us around.

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