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Carving Out Our Spooktacular Halloween

meand five hallo

“Halloween! Trick or Treat!” that is the rhyme that lingers in my mind once October settles and autumn resides. I remember, when I was a child myself, how we impatiently awaited Halloween to come. The image of us running in the neighbourhood from one house to the other, gathering candies and goodies, remains engraved in my heart carrying with it exuberant childhood memories. We would eagerly wait for the evening to come, the sun to set down in the horizon, with our heavy pumpkins filled with confectioneries, as we rest around the bonfire enjoying the crackling of the warm flames.

Costumes, candies, pumpkins, cookies, cobwebs, witches, bats, and the list never ends. Every year, my children and I prepare something for Halloween, where I try my best to have them experience it the way I did when I was their age. It is a great delight to know how much they cherish and appreciate these little things which we enjoy doing together.

mirror deco


For this year, we started early with our decoration. First, we created Halloween crafts out of salt dough which we used to create our grave yard.


I find salt dough very practical and fun to play with.

salt dough cutter painting salt dough

Here is the recipe I used:

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water

Mix all the ingredients and the dough is ready.

Once you cut the shapes needed, cook the dough in the oven until it hardens, and then they are ready to be painted.

boys entrance hallo

I also bought a few Halloween items that I added to the previously used material from which some of them we have made ourselves as a drawing and cutting art activities like the bats and pumpkin shown above.

witch entrance

Halloween Snacks:

For this year’s Halloween snacks, we made three new recipes:

Cheese Broomsticks:

All you need is a bag of salty sticks and a pack of cheese string rolls.

Cut each cheese stick in half.

Insert the salty stick in the middle, and peel off from the sides.

There, your broomsticks are ready to fly!


Pumpkin Bread Cake:

The Pumpkin Bread Cake turned out to be appetising. Using a pumpkin shaped cutter, I cut slices of the cake and had the boys decorate their pumpkins using red icing which they devoured with joy.

halloween cutter cake

decorated cake pumpkins

Here is the recipe for the Pumpkin Bread:

Mix the ingredients in the order given (makes one loaf cake and 12 muffins)

4 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla pod

2 cups sugar

¾ cup cooking oil

2 cups cooked pumpkin (mashed)

2/3 cup water

3 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda

1 tablespoon ginger powder

1 tablespoon cinnamon powder

½ tablespoon cloves powder

½ teaspoon grated nutmeg

loaf of bread

Spiders on our Cookies:

I found this recipe on Instagram, and I thought it is a must do for the kiddos. I followed the simple easy steps as given and it turned out to be spookilicious! Thank you Lauren Allen for this fantastic idea. For details check

spider cookies


For the first time, I thought of photo shooting ahead of time. First, it would be amusing to share these fun moments with my five. Second, in general it is very difficult to have them pose properly and take a pretty picture. I wanted to have them to act naturally while dressed up in their costumes while I could savour those extraordinary souvenirs. I am so grateful to always have true friends around me. Dear Mrs. Hamadeh had the pleasure to do our photo session, and the children were really cooperative despite the heat at the park.

me twins hallo meand D hallo

As you can see, for the twins we settled on Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

dahlia back                   raphy s back

The youngest of the three boys decided on wearing Dracula costume, and the other elder two decided on MineCraft costumes which we did at home.

creeper dany


steve ramy

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is all about spooky fun, mysterious action, unusual costumes, and ghostly celebration. We are looking forward to trick or treating in the neighbourhood this coming weekend. Have a fa-boo-lous and spooktacular Halloween everyone!



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Silkor Facial Solution Review

Despite my duties and despite the fact that I am always on the run, I do make it a point to have some “me time”. As dedicated moms, we should make sure that we cannot but take care of ourselves. Once a mom feels content and energetic, she will provide her family with better care.

Silkor Laser  Medical Institute has offered me a dazzling facial experience. This Facial Solution includes:

  • A session of peeling (15 minutes)
  • A session of Mesotherapy (1 hour)
  • A session of Diamond Micro Dermabrasion (1 hour)

The result was amazing as the package given has revived my skin and gave me the needed glow.

As usual, at Silkor you are always welcomed with a warm smile. The minute your enter its meticulously furnished seating area you feel you have entered into a calm and cool haven, away from the boiling heat and boisterous noise outside. A few minutes later, you will be asked with a sincere and hospitable smile about your drink preference.

First of all, I was given a detailed consultation session where Mrs. Chehade thoroughly explained the procedure to me in detail. We set the appointment and I was looking forward to being pampered.

It is crucial to start with the chemical peel, since it is the abrasive element that will trigger the results. As the technician gently cleansed my face and put on the creams, she explicitly told me what she was doing, the type of products used, and what I expect to happen during the coming days.

first peel

The minute she used the acidic substance, I felt I could peel my skin off my face, but the burning sensation diminished as quickly as it started. Soon enough all was back to normal.

I was also offered an anti-agent night cream, which I had to use for three consecutive nights.

The next day, I received a follow up phone call from Silkor making sure I was satisfied with the treatment. This routine, yet significant, call is something I highly appreciate because it makes me feel valued as a costumer.

Two main things you need to keep in mind once you finish with the peeling session:

  • Avoid direct skin contact with children for six hours.
  • Use sun screen on a daily basis

As predicted, I did not really peel a lot. I had a few dead skin falling off from the sides of my mouth and the tip of my nose as shown below.


Around day three the peeling increased, but it was not that annoying as it mainly happened at night. After two weeks, I was ready for my second session.

After the peeling stage is over and done with, Mesotherapy comes next which was an ironic combination of pain and pleasure. The minute I entered the spotless room, there was a red rose on the stretcher. The technician cleansed my face, and then massaged it for a few minutes. It was incredibly relaxing. Apparently, having a routine facial massage helps in dismounting the presence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Then, came the difficult part where the technician used a hygienic roller made of micro needles, which is given to the client, and rolled it all over my face and neck.

micro needle

Though painful with a burning sensation, this treatment provides the face with the following advantages:

  • Essential vitamins for the face
  • Gives a plumbing feeling as it tightens the skin
  • Removes scars
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

After all, the saying goes “No pain, no gain!”

Once the technician finished with the roller, she covered my face with a special nourishing mask, and gave me an exuberant massage for my hands, arms, shoulders, and head. The burning sensation on my face decreased, and I left home with a natural pink glow.

pink glow

Finally, the last step of this facial was the Diamond Micro Dermabrasion with Shock facial treatment, which was heavenly.

applying cream

Again, I was welcomed with a red rose on the stretcher. After cleansing my face, the technician started with the Diamond Micro Machine, which basically sucks in the dead skin. It is not painful, and helps the pores of your skin open up and get rid of all its toxics.

I was surprised by the amount of dead skin that came out of my face.

diamond machine

Then, with my eyes covered and my face concealed with special moisturizing creams, I was spoiled with a full hands, shoulders, and neck massage. All along there was a relaxing music in the background. All the tension, the stress and pressures dissolved, and I did not want the session to end.

cream face

The beauty of all of this is getting up and seeing your face gleaming with radiance.

 Thank you Silkor  for providing me with such a unique experience. I have received many compliments about the glow you have bestowed me.

I am so glad to have had the chance of undergoing such an extraordinary Facial Solution. What about you, my dear reader, how do you usually spoil yourself and take care of your beauty?

final glow

For further information about the Diamond Micro Dermabrasion and the Mesotherapy, and Silkor’s services please check the links below:


5 Tips on Becoming a Calmer Parent

After the seminar which we had last week, I reassessed our parenting skills. My husband and I always try to modify our parenting methods, discuss where we failed, and try to see what our children think of their behaviour. However, having useful tips from professional people focuses our attention and attitude towards the right child-rearing abilities.

My grandmother always repeats a proverb that says, “Raising kids is like chewing on pebbles”.  What a painful simile, but it is true. In the seminar, Mrs. Mardam Bey also mentioned that parenting is like growing pains; we either let it control us or we direct it in the proper manner.

Child-rearing, especially in our days and times, is one of the hardest occupations a parent can manage.

parenitng quote

At times we scream our heads out, and other times we yell for simple mischiefs which our children might not be aware of. We are not perfect parents, because such parents do not exist. However, yelling does not solve the problem. In fact, chances are that they are obeying mainly because of fear, rather than having an internal mature drive to listen.

Nevertheless, if we focus on ourselves and change the way we make our requests, their attitude would definitely change and solid communication would be built.

patient image

Here are a few strategies I have been implementing for some time now with my children, and others which I have recently applied. The results are wonderfully pleasing. Note that sometimes I do feel that I am too tired of being too patient or from having to repeat the same requests again. It is simply human nature, yet I re-energise my soul by merely wondering; “How would I want my kids be like as adults?”

  1. No matter how busy I am, the minute one of my children comes to talk to me or ask me to do something for him/her, I would leave whatever I have at hand and do it. I took this from my mom who has always and still is a great shoulder to lean on. Most importantly is that I do it with passion and not as a duty.  I do not get annoyed to stop whatever I am doing no matter how interesting it is.
  2. Instead of yelling from one room to the other, I walk over to my child, use eye contact and talk to him or her. Sometimes I feel too tired to move, but when you see the result of compliance, you know it is worth it.
  3. When they get too loud at the table or when we are in the car, I whisper my words and then silence resides. This is something I used to do with my students, and so far it is working perfectly well with the children.
  4. I do apologize from my kids if I say something or talk to them in a mean way. I explain to them that for us to have a calm house we need to understand our duties towards each other. By showing them respect, I get the same in return. I came across an interesting way of paraphrasing our sentences when they do not listen to us. For example, instead of saying,”How many times I told you not to throw your clothes on the floor, why are you so messy?” this sentence is much better,”I expect the room to be tidy by a half an hour. Thank you for your help.”
  5. After asking my youngest child to do a certain task, I have him repeat using his own words what he understood needs to be done. Usually when children are able to verbalize a certain message, they can easily do it.

children learn

In conclusion, when it comes to parenting there is no right or wrong method, but there are many tips which we can use or modify to fit into our lifestyle. That is how we will enjoy our children as much as we can. The way we react, is in fact a habit which we can alter and change to the better. Choosing a calm approach saves the day.

strong child

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‘Anger Management with Children’ – Event Review

Last Saturday, we were delighted to welcome thirty moms who attended our seminar, “Anger Management with Children”, presented by Mrs. Mardam Bey (Relationship Coach). Not only there was an opportunity to have a deeper vision on parenting, but moms shared their struggles, pondered on certain solutions, and cheerfully left with a new parenting revelation along with vouchers and prizes offered by Silkor Laser Medical Center and Layan Emirates Gifts.

the team

sigining inprizes

Mrs. Mardam Bey focused on three main points in parenting:

  1. Parenting is a growth process and any growth comes in pain.
  2. Biggest enemy of parenting is knee jerk reactivity.
  3. Kids throw tests at us and how we can learn to respond differently.

As she thoroughly explained these ideas, she gave us the opportunity to share our worries, fears, success, and mostly on how we can focus on ourselves and make the right decision when faced with a specific struggle.  Once we are angry we forget our skills of communication and without the latter, solid relationships cannot foster and grow.

event pic

For this post, attending moms shared their reviews of the seminar and their visualization on dealing with anger management. They were asked to describe how they benefited from the session in one sentence, and below are some of the answers I received:

“Be more patient, try to stay calm, and know how to pick your battles,” mom of 2.

“It was a great awareness session that had covered in details certain important and daily interactions between parents and kids with proper guidance,” mom of 3.

“Explain your anger, do not express it, and you will open the door to solutions instead of arguments,” mom of 2.

“I learned that I am the one who can control my anger. I always have a choice; get angry and crazy or stay calm and use better communication. It is a choice that will affect my actions and my relationship with my kids, now and in the future,” mom of 3.

“Anger can be a terribly harmful emotion if it is not controlled. If we as adults learn how to control our reactions we would teach and reflect on our kids positive attitude towards any situation,” mom of 3.

“Today was my first time to attend a session like this. It was amazing as I could freely express myself. I will try to apply what Rasha said, be calm, reliable, and not to take our children as enemies,” mom of 2.

“The seminar today made me realize that our kids are not robots to be programmed by us. They like and dislike many things just like us. We have to respect and embrace that quality,” mom of 2.

“Raising children is a learning process for both children and parents as well,” mom of 3.

“Parenting is not a battle and casualties are not acceptable. You should have the power to control yourself,” mom of 2.

“I learned that I need to be more diplomatic when dealing with my daughter, thank you for the conference,” mom of 1.

“Today’s workshop was an opportunity for me to stop, reflect on my relationship with my two girls and gain new insights on how I can make this relationship grow. Very informative session and great initiative. Thank you,” mom of 2.

“I learned to be more patient and more relaxed,” mom of 3.

“It was a very interesting session that made me think and re-think about the things we do without thinking…my favourite part was imagining my kids in 25 years,” mom of 3.

“Using the ‘guntlet’ method in addition to the exercise ‘In 25 years from now’ I believe are the keys to resolve day to day issues in our relationships with love and attention rather than authority and rules. The session was concise and engaging! Thank you again for all the effort you put and for all the ongoing ‘giving’,” mom of 3.

“The session helped me realize that it is possible to create a smoother relationship with my kids by doing things differently,” mom of 2.

“I found this ‘Anger Management with Children’ course very beneficial as it gave us useful tools to control one’s anger, to manage responses, and to develop an ability to stop before saying or doing something we might regret,” mom of 2.

collage event


sabaya me

mona me

Mrs. Mardam Bey ended her session by the following video which I recommend to be watched as it shows us the importance of “being” rather than “doing” for ourselves and our children.

It was a fantastic morning that ended up with a raffle for five lucky moms who won a super treatment from Silkor.  A big thank you to Rasha, Eliane, Lama, and Nesrine; your continuous support and cooperation were incredible. I would also like to thank each and every beautiful mom who attended. Without you this would not be happening. We look forward to seeing soon, and remember parenting is not a war – it is about building a relationship where we agree on things together. Once we have established such a strong foundation, there won’t be any room for anger to rule us around.

picture group