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Exactly a year ago, I eagerly hit the PUBLISH button to issue out my first post, not knowing where I will be heading or how my blog will flourish. Well, as you can see today we celebrate thehelicoptermommy’s First Anniversary, and I say “WE” here as all of you have been part of my journey. My dear followers, likers, readers, close relatives, true friends, my always encouraging parents, my cherished siblings, not to forget of course my beloved husband and my adorable kids. You have all contributed in making me enjoy my trip as I shared my humble experience with you. You have encouraged me to move on with a dream, a light, and maybe a glowing future later on…

me 1sr anni

Today as I blow out our first candle, I know that its flame will reside in me forever. That flame will continue to glow and enlighten my way.

For today I thought of sharing five facts about me which some of you might know:

  • I adore children. Well maybe that clarifies how we got five of them.
  • Reading and writing create my sanctuary. Books simply quench my thirst and take me to another world out of the ordinary, and having my thoughts pour down in front of me makes me feel fulfilled.
  • I love change and I find it healthy. So you would be seeing me doing simple and small changes at home every now and then.
  • I always work on improving myself and mainly on educating my mind, so I do hope I reach to that elevated and profound level one day.
  • I have a great passion to help others and it gives me a great satisfaction to know that I did; whether it is with family, friends, students, colleagues. It simply makes me feel full.

me reading

For our first anniversary, we will be hosting our first event on October 3rd, 11:00 A.M. at SILKOR Khalidiya Branch, Abu Dhabi.

It is our honour to have Mrs. Rasha Mardam Bey, a Relationship Coach and a mother of four to share her expertise with us. Mrs. Mardam Bey will discuss, guide us, and share with us certain strategies which can help in managing our anger when we are confronted with issues related to our precious children. I believe that by setting the good example for them, we are indirectly coaching them into controlling their anger as well.


Silkor Laser Medical Center specializing in laser treatments, medical-aesthetic services, slimming treatments, and facial skin therapies will also pamper you my dear moms with vouchers and prizes.


Finally, it will be my pleasure to have you taste my homemade cookies along with a cup of coffee during these two hours.

To be able to join this special event:

For my current followers:

  1. Share or repost your favourite blog post on one of your social media accounts. (Facebook or Instagram)
  2. Briefly explain why you chose it.
  3. Make sure to tag @thehelicoptermommy.
  4. Register your name and contact number at under the subject Anger Management

For my new followers do at least one of the following steps:

  1. Follow me on
  2. Follow me @thehelicoptermommy on Instagram and tag two new friends
  3. Like my Facebook page thehelicoptermommy.

Of course, you also need to register your name and contact number under the subject Anger Management at

Looking forward to meeting you so that together we can learn new aspects on parenting!


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