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Practical Nursery Ideas

Decorating my home is a pleasure as it gives me the chance of being creative and set an environment which suits my character.

Although the twins are now almost 18 months old, I decided to share with you what I did in their nursery. I wanted to display the easiness of changing a nursery into a toddlers’ bedroom where they can still play and sleep in the same place.

Once I knew I had a set of boy and girl twins, I mainly decided on establishing earth colors with light beige, off-white along with pastel colors.

The good thing is that the twins’ room was big enough to install all the furniture I needed to use. When it comes to buying furniture for any nursery, I believe that the simpler you make it the better it looks, which reminds me of a French proverb, “La simplicite fait la beaute”. At the same time, I am a very practical person. Thus utile ideas suit me well.

Setting your mind on a specific theme for the nursery, helps you to narrow your research and to avoid purchasing furniture you might not use at all.


First and foremost buy the essential items that are needed: a cot, a changing table, and a rocking chair or even a sofa bed depending on your usage and budget.

This time, I chose white furniture because I wanted to rely more on the accessories to highlight the boy-girl theme. I also enjoy being in a luminous room as the sun rays fill my heart with joy, and what would a mom of five need but happiness to establish a blissful home?

For the changing table, I bought a few baskets where I kept diapers, cotton pads, sanitary gel, small towels, socks, shoes, bibs, and any other item that can be of handy while I changed for the twins. The good thing about the changing table is that it can be easily transformed into a cabinet where the twins, now use it to store books, toys, and playthings.

nursery 5

For the mattresses (which are covered by a special blanket to avoid soiling them in case of vomit and/or from soiled diapers), I purchased two sets of fitted sheets; one that is light pink and the other white. I also got two bumpers that covered the cot from all sides; one that is chequered pink and the other one chequered blue. Each bumper has two tiny birds on the front side.


We changed those practical baby cots which have three different levels into tiny cute beds.The twins simply love the new freedom they have been given.

dwarf beds

Finally, I bought a beige L-shaped sofa bed, as I knew that I will be spending many hours during the night while feeding the twins, and I had to rest between feeds. Now we spend a lot of time sitting on it as I read stories for them.

sofa bedFlooring:

I decided on having a cherry brown wooden flooring, instead of putting a carpet since dust easily nestles itself in textile. The contrast of the dark wooden floor with the white furniture gave the room an atmosphere of warmth and serenity.


I had the walls painted off-white, and put a striped beige and white wall paper on the biggest wall of the room. On the right side of that same wall, I had a white shelf where I displayed a white dress and a white shirt. On the top of it, there is a frame with small birds covering the whole border. On the left side, I put a cuckoo clock to set along with the two birdies theme.

nursery 3 (2)      wall shelf


In addition to the light blue and pink colors, I introduced the green pastel in the frames that hang up on the other wall. White crochet cushions are placed in one corner of the sofa bed, with two smaller ones that have birds of different pastel colors.  The chandelier is composed of off-white textile that surrounds each bulb.

 nursery 1 wall mirror

I also got them multiple baskets which at first were filled with basic clothes items and diapers. Now they are filled with toys, books, and stacking cups. I had them personalized, at Pottery Barn Kids, where later on each one of them can keep his/her stuff.

baskets dolls


The curtains were the last item I put in the nursery. Again, I chose off-white for striped vanishing blinds that are made of fabric. I went for simple ones as I only wanted to create some darkness in the room when it was time for sleep. During the day, I prefer to open them a bit to have the sunrays enter through the windows.

nursery 4

Interior decoration is a personal touch, and every person has her own taste, yet getting ideas always helps in developing one’s thoughts.  Finally, here is a picture on the day the twins arrived home. It is amazing how you completely forgot how small they were…

raphy baby home

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