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A getaway in the beloved mountains of Lebanon… Bouyouti!

Despite its struggles and conflicts and in the face of the tough obscurities Lebanon has been suffering from for centuries, we still find unique places where we can relive Lebanon’s enchanting exquisiteness.

This weekend my husband and I spent a wonderful relaxing time at Bouyouti Beiteddine to celebrate our 12th anniversary. We were welcomed by the rustles of leaves, twittering of birds, and chirping of crickets. It was an excellent getaway – a sanctuary for those who seek peaceful and tranquil moments. We sought calmness and we found it.

the house

Bouyouti is composed of 10 small houses which couples can book over the phone. “Beit el Nahr”, “Beit el Tanour”, “Beit el Ward”, “Beit el Jesser” are some of the names of the houses there.They are scattered around the valley and each one has its own terrace, an ideal space where I enjoyed a tasty breakfast in nature with my love.


The whole ambiance took me back into Lebanon’s history.  For instance, we were able to see where “Akhwat Shanay” has solved the problem of providing the area with water, and we did not tire from observing  Moussa’s Castle that majestically stretched its magnificence across us.

Everything is set in neatness and generosity whether it is the complimentary drinks and beverages or the biscuits and salty snacks. There is even a backgammon table in each house to reflect the genuine Lebanese home.


As we walked through the levelled gardens, we enjoyed the cool breeze and the fine details as if we were in an old Lebanese village. Geraniums, Lavenders, Hydrangeas, Roses, and other types of striking flowers cover the areas adding beauty to beauty.

lavender pool

Bouyouti does not only provide you with a heavenly ambiance, but the food supplied is simply delicious. My favourite was “La Salade aux Fruits” a mixture of an iceberg lettuce with cranberries, raisins, pecans, apples, cherry tomatoes and honey. The quiches and tarts are also appetizing.


bouyouti food

The mouth-watering “Fondant au Chocolat” is not to be missed, the thickness of the chocolate is simply ravishing.

The area where guests can savour their lunch or dinner is set around a rectangular shaped table where people can mingle and chat together. It creates a warm welcoming mood where everybody gets together.  We had the honor of having Mr. Bazerji, the owner of Bouyouti, with us at that table as he shared with us fruitful stories about the valley taken from our history.

the table

There is also a small playground made of old rustic metal with a huge water fountain in the middle. It simply adds to the whole setting of that missed old village.

Finally, in the midst of olive trees, you can spend the day tanning without suffocating from the heat. The cool breeze gives you the chance of enjoying the sun and the view of the green mountains around you while bronzing.

pool meIf you seek some quietness in a haven of romance and serenity, Bouyouti is your destination.

view house

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