It Drives me Crazy

It drives me crazy when you take a shower and leave the bathroom soaking with water.

In my mind I would say; “How many times do I need to repeat that you need to close the curtain firmly before you start with your showers?”

But when I look at you and see that you have been too occupied playing with the water that you didn’t even notice the flood you created.

wet floor sign

After all you are still living your playful childhood.

It drives me crazy when you rush into the toilet, have a pee and leave the toilet seat sparkling with a smelly mess.

Even the sign that says; “Please, lift the seat,” and it is right there in front of your eyes doesn’t even remind you of what you need to do.


But when I look into your eyes, I can understand that you were in such a rush – you don’t want to miss a second of play with your brothers.

After all you are still enjoying your pleasurable childhood.

It drives me crazy when you wake up the twins because of your loud tones.

“Gosh, they have just slept! When will you talk in low voices?”

silence image

But when I observe you I realize that you can’t relate loud noises to disturbing someone from his sleep.

After all you are still experiencing your booming childhood.

It drives me crazy when I call you saying it is time for showers, and you continue to kick the ball as if nobody is talking to you.

It is because I cannot comprehend that you are so indulged in playing that you didn’t even listen to what I said. You heard me well, but not listened.

After all you are still fulfilling your entertaining childhood.

It drives me crazy when you miss  on writing the correct answer in your quiz even though we made that same exercise at home and you got it right.


But if I were with you in class, I could have perceived that you were busy thinking of what games you will play in recess with your friends.

After all you are still dwelling in your busy childhood.

It drives me crazy when I spend nights thinking and planning events for you and when I ask if you have enjoyed it, you focus on what was excluded.

But when I look into your mind, I comprehend that you still don’t know what real appreciation means.

After all you are still encountering your magnificent childhood and at this stage I should not expect you to behave all the time, or to value life, or to abide by the house rules every minute.

I know that one day you will reach those goals, but you are still at the bottom steps of the ladder. And the road is still ahead of you to set your values and flourish …

How can I mature as a parent if you do not provide me with such learning opportunities? And most importantly how can you develop and grow if you do not compose mistakes, learn from them, and pave your life bit by bit?


So yes, my beloved sons, experience your beautiful childhood the way you want. Quench its thirst from the rivers of discovery and help me in aiding you to enjoy this journey together. So when you look back, like me, you would say, “I have had the best childhood ever.”




2 thoughts on “It Drives me Crazy”

  1. touching article dear!
    May I please add,
    It drives me crazy when we’re getting ready to go somewhere and suddenly, you decide that you want to play some more…

    Liked by 1 person

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