Twins’ First Birthday Ideas: A Nautical Theme

Like today, a year ago, I was rushed to the hospital and had my twins delivered at the age of almost 33 weeks. Acknowledging how difficult it will be for them to smoothly survive outside the cosy and warm womb simply killed me. As I have shared my experience before in an older post, I won’t be talking about that incident, but I will discuss in details how we planned and celebrated their first birthday.

Before I do though, I wanted to highlight a few points on the twins’ development and milestones. The interesting part about having fraternal twins of different genders adds spice to your parenting skills and bounces you with innovative challenges. Looking back at my pregnancy days with them, it was the best in comparison to the times when I was pregnant with my other sons. I did not complain of back ache or had to go through a period of bed rest. It was mostly a slight nausea during the first few weeks but without the annoying heartburn. In contrast, I felt lively and radiant as my belly stretched and proudly expanded to make them grow.

From the beginning, the twins were different in character. My active baby boy was always vigorous and moving around especially right before I went to bed. In the meantime, his calm baby sister would stretch herself a few times just to let me know that she is doing well. Now that they are out and about discovering the world at their own pace, I enjoy remarking the many differences and the few similarities between the two of them.

It is true that they were subjected to the same pregnancy consequences, but evidently genes play a crucial role in their growth.  While he started crawling at around 10 months and is physically ready to walk without support, she enjoys working on her speech and fine motor skills. Another difference I noted was how they express themselves while interacting with their older brothers. For example, he loves it when his brothers do monkey acts and therefore chuckles out loud like a real man while she tenderly smiles at them just to please them. Moreover, their sleeping routines, type of food they like and the way they eat finger foods on their own are entirely different. Luckily enough, they both adore books, music, lullabies, and play time.

The connection the twins have is remarkable. Ever since they were almost three months old, they used to look at each other in such an incredible way filled with love, tenderness, and joy. It is as if they know they have thrived together and now they are enjoying their extraordinary presence.  This unique bond is growing stronger every single day. For example, they would sometimes hold hands as I am feeding them or have a cooing conversation and smile at each other. I am sure that all moms of twins feel that her angels, despite their differences, are connected in a distinctive way that it is difficult to explain. Every time I look at them, I thank the Lord for granting us yet another divine bliss and such a unique gift.

Now back to the birthday planning…

Like all the past birthdays for my boys, I always make a special cake and prepare games even if we are not holding a huge party. Since my mother has always done something extraordinary for us on every birthday, I carried on with this ritual.

For our adorable twins’ first birthday, we decided on a nautical theme party simply because when they were born they have received a stunning set of navy clothes – a cute marine dress for Miss D. and an amazing overall for Mr. R. – from a dear friend.

Of course we all dressed up in nautical clothes to fit in the crew and on board we sailed!! I got the boys and their daddy striped polo shirts, sailor’s neckerchief and navy blue and white Bermuda shorts. I also prepared sailor’s hats with an anchor for each boy.

I myself wore a striped navy blue and white dress as you can see below.

Within a short period of time and the full schedule I have, I managed to set the decoration, bake and decorate the birthday cake, make cookies and order a few salty snacks. I wanted to mark their calendar with a special memory while we enjoyed it as well.

All of this would not have come to life had it not been for my sweet cousin Miss Karen Baz, a highly talented Graphic Designer, who did a marvellous job in preparing the main decoration and name tags of food for the birthday.

Here are some pictures for you to see which might inspire you if you feel like having a nautical theme party:


I prepared two art craft activities for the boys to enjoy.

Sea shells Frames


The material needed include:

Small wooden frames from Daiso

Seashells which we collected a few years back when we went to Oman


The boys had to glue the seashells all around the frame and they did a wonderful job.

Paper Sailboat:

We found this idea on and Miss Baz prepared and printed all the material needed to make a paper boat. The boys had to fold, cut, and assemble the boat.

They were able to choose either a striped sheet of paper for their boat or the one with anchors- as shown in the model below.

They cut the sails and stapled them in once they folded their boats.

It was fun and easy for them and now they know how to make a paper boat.

boat 2 bday




boat 1bday


Pin the Sail on the boat:

This is a variation of pin the tail on the donkey. Two of my older boys volunteered to draw and color the boat. We then made a number of ready cut sails where we each had a try to pin the sail in its place.


Memory Game:

In a basket, I placed different kinds of nautical items. For example, a toy boat, dolphin, fish, a rope, shells etcetera. The boys had to look at the basket for a few seconds, then without looking on a piece of paper they had to write down whatever items they remember seeing. Of course I had to write down the things for my youngest son.

Ocean Discovery:

We were also able to implement a science lesson of showing how objects float in salty water. To do the experiment, you will need:

Two large see-through measuring cups.

Pour 1 ¼ cups water into each measuring cup.

Let your children observe as you add 3 tablespoons of salt to one of the cups.

Stir the salt until it dissolves, and ask them, “What kind of water do I have here?

What does it remind you of?”

Place a hard cooked egg in the plain water for the children to watch as it sinks.

Then remove the egg and place it in the salt water. “What happens?” ( The answer is: The egg floats because the salt made the water denser!!)

Place a hard cooked egg in the plain water for the children to watch as it sinks.

Continue by letting the children try the experiment, using a bar of soap and have them see what happens.


Since it was a nautical theme party, I ordered tuna and salmon sandwiches from Paul.

I made eyes for the croissants to change them into crabs, and we ate them along with a tasty spread of Crème de Marron – a simple delicacy.

Since the boys love hotdogs and a birthday without them feels incomplete, I made them look like life-saving floaters using puff pastry.

As for the sweets, I made one boat cake

Different types of cookies



Fruit skewers

A good idea for a return gift could be the following:

The water bottles

Finally, we took many pictures and helped the twins open their gifts. We are indeed blessed to have such wonderful and healthy children…

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