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On Mother’s Day

In the Middle East, the month of March is special as on the 21st, people in this part of the world celebrate Mother’s Day. The nice thing about it is that this day also marks the beginning of Spring. I love the simile drawn between mothers and spring time as her spirit is always blooming and promising of new beginnings.  She is fresh at heart and filled with fruitful potentials. As a genuine person who knows how to enjoy reality and try my best to make good advantage of the present moment, I never wait for special occasions to tell my beloved ones how much I love them. Ironically though, every year on that same day I send my mom a card, or a particular note, or a bouquet of flowers and wish her a healthy life. I also text my friends wishing them blessed days with their families. Funny enough, in May, when France celebrates Mother’s Day, I also send messages to relatives and friends.

However, this year I woke up one night having words jumbling at me, forcing me to jot them down. In fact, these words once combined turned out into a poem for my special mom. So I take the advantage and wish you all mothers, those who are celebrating and those who are not, a healthy and prosperous life.

Being a mother is a glorious mystery, a ride on a roller coaster, a smashing love that has its sweetness and bitterness. In short, it is an awesome job that keeps you at guard and always watchful, but hopefully it will be rewarding at the end.

flower bouquet

Here is the poem which I wrote for my mom, and I simply want to say thank you mommy for being you.

I woke up in the middle of the night

Having your angelic face right in front of my sight

I stretched my arms to hold you to my chest

To give you warmth, cuddle you, and rest

The way you used to hold me, and still do

When I was young – and now a mommy like you.

When I look back in time,

I perceive you as my music, my melody, my rhyme.

You enlightened me with faith and wisdom

Gave me the strongest weapons to enjoy life’s Freedom,

You taught me about inner peace

And helped me attain it with ease.

A mom like you is the divine bliss

And this very moment it’s your presence that I miss.

I thank the Lord for granting me such a unique chance

To follow your steps in our irreplaceable dance

As you showered me with a mother’s love, patience, and affection…

How can I express my admiration?

Words would never reflect my endless gratitude

As many as the infinite lines of longitude and latitude.

Your trust and confidence in me

Bloomed magically into me

As I elaborated on my own character

Who is always working on becoming sounder and better.

And all of this is due to your boundless care and everlasting presence…

Now I understand a mom’s endurance

With all its soring pain, loving laughter, agonising concerns, ardent joy

And all that you have went through…

How can I ever thank you

For all that you have done?

You are my splendour, my power, my mommy – my one.

R. Hussant

12 thoughts on “On Mother’s Day”

  1. As eloquent as always and the words ever so true!!! Bless you and tante Amal and all your children!
    And beautiful picture btw, you look alike!


  2. Wawww!!! Je viens de le lire! Au début j’ai cru que c’était juste un article intéressant que tu m’avais envoyé et me suis dit je le lirais tranquillement après les vacances…et quelle était ma surprise de voir que c’est ton travail:) c’est si touchant ce que tu as écrit pour ta maman. Et comme tu écris bien! Ça m’a fait beaucoup plaisir…
    Et tu trouves le temps d’écrire avec 5 enfants!! Chapeau:) que Dieu bénisse ta jolie famille… gros bisous

    Liked by 1 person

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