Children on Board

During this time of the year, schools across Europe and many French and British schools here in UAE take a short break of ten days which is more known as the Winter Break. Many families decide to travel and profit from this break where they can take their children to experience skiing and other winter activities. Some might have a 3 hour flight and others might have much more.

I wanted to take the advantage and share my ideas with you dear readers on methods that we can use to entertain our children on the plane.

I do not know how many of you agree, but I do not really find airplanes are apt for children, especially toddlers.  Having a toddler on the plane is kind of tricky as they get easily bored and would like to move all the time. One of the most annoying things is the usage of toilets, especially if your toddler has recently removed his nappy.

Many aircrafts provide children with a bag of many fun items, but when you are a frequent flyer the children get bored of having the same package every time. Of course, there is always the availability of operating the screen to watch a movie or play games, yet toddlers cannot be involved in such activities. The main duty then therefore falls on the parent’s shoulders.

Before taking the plane, pack an extra bag for entertainment where you can put the following items:

Play dough:

If the airport security allows it, play dough is a super activity that can keep your children busy for hours. A friend of mine makes her own play dough and I loved the idea. By doing so, you make sure your child is not consuming any toxic material.

Check the following link for the recipe:


Bubble wrap:

Having a small piece of bubble wrap is excellent. Not only it keeps those cute hands busy, but it also helps in developing their fine motor skills.

bubble wrap


Before departing to the airport, have a few snacks under hand. A good example and practical ideas is to include baby carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and some Cheerio’s. Recently, I have found some organic maple frosted flakes and they are really tasty with no additional sugars.

frosted flakes

Reading Books:

Reading carries children into a world of dreams and imagination. This activity is not constricted to any specific place, it can be done at any time of the day, and suits all ages.

Activity books and colorings:

There are plenty of activity books where children and toddlers can make use of. Having one helps in many situations and keeps the child busy.

Game boards travel kits:

Snakes and ladders, Four in a Row, Tic Tack Toe, foam puzzles, etcetera are all examples of amazing games where everybody can participate in.

Mr. Potato Head:

In addition to the fact that Mr. Potato Head indulges a child for a long period of time, it also provides children with the ability to develop their gross and fine motor skills and enhance creativity by play pretend,

If you do not want to purchase the toy itself, there are plenty of printables which you can prepare before your flight.

Check this link for more details on the benefits of Mr. Potato.


Pipe Cleaners:

These are great to occupy your child with for some time. The ideas that can be created are infinite. Depending on your child age, you can add straws and beads to form different shapes.


Gel Window Clings:

I have once seen a super mom occupying her daughter with those clings and I loved the idea. I have not used it before, but I am sure I will be soon, especially by the time the twins reach such a stage.


Travelling with children and especially toddlers can be simplified and become enjoyable once you keep them occupied. There will be a moment in time where as parents you might not even be able to eat, let alone have time for a movie. As parents, we should keep reminding ourselves how precious our time is with them, since soon enough our little toddlers grow and develop into independent adults. 
Whatever your plans are for this short break, remember to enjoy them.

stages of children

pictures from Pinterest and personal

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