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My Boys’ Homemade Birthday Cakes

I have always enjoyed baking and cooking. It is actually a passion which I have inherited from my mother, aunts, and grandma. It is obvious that it runs through our genes.

There are many advantages to make homemade pastries, cakes, and pies. First, it can be a family activity where you and your children spend some fun time together. You cannot imagine how much talk they do and how many stories they share as you are working together. Second, you can profit and have a math concept attained, where you relate measurement to real life. By doing so, they are learning some serious school lessons through entertainment. Last but not least, unlike readymade cakes, you are able to control the amount of sugars you want your children to have. The less the refined sugars, the healthier the choice is. For example, natural sweeteners like agave syrup, honey, or carob syrup can compensate for the harmful processed white sugars that you find in the market.

But baking cakes in not only restricted to the every day dessert that my children enjoy having. I also prepare and create their birthday cakes which take me quite some time. When my mom is visiting we do the cakes together, and trust me the work becomes even more pleasurable. The best part of the whole thing is when my children wake up the next day and run with excitement to check out their birthday cake. Their hug and thank you is the best reward I could get.

My children know by now that every year they will have a special cake even if we are not doing a big celebration. Here are a few examples of the homemade birthday cakes that my kids asked for;

sonic     Sonic cake

minecraft  Minecraft cake

ramy s minecraft TNT muffins

treasure muffins Treasure Island Muffins

pirates ship Pirates Ship

bmw cake My son is a big fan of BMW cars


easter bunnies Easter Bunnies

panda cake Panda cake

Mcqueen Cake McQueen racetrack cake

snakes and ladders Snakes and Ladders board game cake

fishcake Fish cake

puppy cake Puppy cake

elephant cake Elephant cake


Even if it is a tiring activity and consumes a lot of time, but preparing these cakes for my children is a great pleasure. After all, when you do things with contentment and delight, you do not really worry about the physical fatigue. 🙂


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