Seize the day: Welcoming 2015

In three days we will be folding away 2014 and welcoming a new year. When I am asked about my wishes for the coming new year, I look back and take the opportunity to share the experience I passed through. Then, maybe, my dear readers you will understand why I have reached such a conclusion.
If I want to paint 2014, I would picture it as a wide deep ocean with waves crashing loudly on the seashore. Each wave carries with it a different sensation. Some are tough and painful, filled with rage and anger. Others are soft and refreshing, filled with warmth and serenity. It is ironic since the same ocean is providing me with contradictory emotions, but in reality they actually demonstrate the experiences we passed through. Around the beginning of the year, I was urgently admitted to the hospital and had to deliver my premature twins; 6 weeks before their expected date of delivery. By God’s graciousness and fate’s generosity, we took our healthy twins home – just after two weeks of intensive care.
Forty days later, a very close and dear family member lost his battle with cancer who stole him away in less than 6 months since the day he was diagnosed with this monstrous sickness.
It was devastating especially because he was still a healthy and active person who loved life and rejoiced in it. Yet, destiny takes its way whenever it decides to do so.
People and acquaintances did not know how to behave and react to our exceptional situation. They didn’t know if it’s ok to give us their condolences or to congratulate us on the arrival of our delightful birdies.

Being the rational and positive person I am, I knew that I could not control what happens on the outside, but I definitely can control how I will react to any difficult situation. In fact, I looked at the lesson that I could learn from such a heavy experience. I knew that extreme happiness misleads a person and creates illusions that are not real as it is limited to the here and now. On the other hand, extreme sadness poisons a person’s mind and spirit, and limits his voyage on developing himself.
I learned that we should not be grateful only for the positive things that we get, but we should also take advantage and learn from the
harsh experiences as they make us stronger and develop our Mind. I also learned that health is the most important thing as it’s the only way where we can set our minds at ease and focus on working on becoming better persons.
Life will continue to throw rocks on us, but it all depends on how we react to those painful blows and how much we learn from them that forms our character and self confidence.
I knew that I can not be the mom who dwells on the perished past and waits for the unknown future. It is tiring and simply a waste of time. Why worry about something that ended or even worry about something that has not happened yet?
So what would I ask from 2015? Honestly, I would ask for nothing but to remember to live the present moment. I would seize the opportunity to cherish the time I spend with my beloved husband and adorable children. I would continue to laugh more, play more, share my secrets and morals with them. I would appreciate those instants as what we have now ends in the second that comes after. I would express my love and gratitude and teach them about positive thinking.
Last but not least, I would keep appreciating what I have, and give thanks to all of those who have been with me and stood by us while we were in the midest of our difficulties.
Finally, for 2015 I would wish you all a healthy new year filled with an inspiration of becoming a better person.


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