Seize the day: Welcoming 2015

In three days we will be folding away 2014 and welcoming a new year. When I am asked about my wishes for the coming new year, I look back and take the opportunity to share the experience I passed through. Then, maybe, my dear readers you will understand why I have reached such a conclusion.… Continue reading Seize the day: Welcoming 2015


Maman, is Santa real?

As we approach the month of December, we all get into this magical feeling and live in a dreamlike state, counting on our hopes and wishes, dreaming of having them fulfilled. Grownups, like children, enjoy the celebrations, the Christmas shopping, the decoration, and the enchanting beauty of this month. We, as parents, get extremely excited… Continue reading Maman, is Santa real?


What is a Helicopter Mommy?

When I first started my blog, many people asked why I chose such a title, taking only the negative side of the word “helicopter parents”. And I say parents here, because Dads, like moms, play an essential role in parenting.  By definition “A helicopter parent (also called a cosseting parent or simply a cosset-er) is a parent who pays extremely close… Continue reading What is a Helicopter Mommy?