Bonding Time with Dad

Years ago, when my brother was around 6 years old, he and his friend, Simon, were boasting about their dads who were both doctors.

So Simon goes,” My dad is the president of the hospital!!”

My brother looked seriously at him, thought for a while before he replied and then said: ”Well, my dad is the president of Oxygen!”

Simon was shocked by my brother’s reply as he was unable to understand what it meant, so he sprinted towards his dad scurrying for explanations.

We always hear children bragging about their father’s super powers, but the peculiar part of it is that deep inside they do believe it is true.

To create a successful bonding and have the hero image become realistic, Dads, like moms, have a great role in raising their children. However, there are still some dads who find it a bit challenging to bond with their kids.  Here are a few tips that can help in establishing strong roots which would last for years to come.  That is why, it is important that the dads intervene as early as possible in order to transfer this heroic image into a solid bonding.


Participate in their daily routine:

Dads who take care of the children’s basic needs like showers, teeth brushing, etc. show them that their dad cares about their well-being and hygiene. Here, the children have a one on one time with their dad where they can confide in him and tell him about their day and friends.  A dad’s involvement with daily tasks helps the children become independent in the sense that dads usually have the children do the tasks on their own while they supervise. Hence, the independent spirit within the child flourishes in a positive way.

Doing sports together:

Whether it is swimming, playing football, basketball, or tennis, dads can profit from such occasions and direct their kids towards fair playing. Sports games offer a vast opportunity that helps children learn about team work and communication skills between the players. More importantly, it teaches about trust and cooperative work which are vital transferable skills for a successful future. This makes us move to the next step.


Go out on special trips:

Depending on the child’s age group, a dad can plan simple yet influential outings with the children. For boys, for example, he can take them to a car exhibition, where they can discuss the functions and different parts of vehicles. As for girls, he can accompany them to any activity, like chess or music lessons, which they are participating in. This way, the children and their father can enjoy their time together while doing something they both enjoy. Riding bikes, going ice skating, having an ice cream, or simply playing in the park are all essential activities that make the child feel closer to his dad.

Read books to them:

Reading books is incredibly helpful in connecting with children. Usually, the child is relaxed and feels secure as they snuggle in the warm lap of their dad. These reading sessions help the children to hold discussions about the events of the story and indirectly learn how to make a proper dialogue.

dadbond 2

Go to the supermarket:

Even though going grocery shopping may seem trivial, but children learn a lot from this experience. For instance, they learn to be responsible, make calculations, understand the concept of classification, and know how to choose good types of products.

Play board games together:

Playing games has always been the best tool where a parent can teach without preaching about the basic guidelines in life. Board games are a great way to explain to the child about those rules, and to learn how to respect them. “Snakes and Ladders” is a favourite of my third son, and the minute his dad comes back from work, he directly gets it and they have a quick round.

Even though daddies are busy with work and responsibilities, setting a time for the children is essential. Once they feel the closeness of their dad, they know that they can confide in him and share their highs and lows which eases discussions between them. Participating in each other’s lives also helps in establishing a strong bond. In other words, dads become his children’s father, protector but most importantly friend for life…

dad bond 1

N.B: Pictures are taken from Pinterest

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